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2003 Publications

I. InP-Based Edge-Emitters

IA. Tunable SGDBR Lasers and Transmitters

IB. Photonic Integrated Circuits

IC. Wavelength Converters

ID. Multiple-Active-Region 1.55µm Edge-Emitters

IE. Biosensors

II. Long-Wavelength InP-based VCSELs

III. GaN-Based Vertical-Cavity Devices

  • S. Estrada, H. Xing, A. Stonas, A. Huntington, U. Mishra, S. DenBaars, L. Coldren, and E. Hu, “Wafer-Fused AlGaAs/GaAs/GaN Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor,” Applied Physics Letters, 82, (5), pp. 820-822 (February 2003)
  • S. Estrada, Andrew Huntington, Andreas Stonas, Huili Xing, Umesh Mishra, Steven DenBaars, Larry Coldren, and Evelyn Hu, “n-AlGaAs/p-GaAs/ n-GaN Heterojunction Bipolar Transistor Wafer-Fused at 550-750º C,” Applied Physics Letters, 83 (3), pp. 560-562 (July 2003)