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Plenary Talks


50-500GHz Wireless Technologies: Transistors, ICs, and Systems
2015 Asia-Pacific Microwave Conference


Transistors for VLSI, for Wireless: A View Forwards Through Fog
2015 Device Research Conference
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50 - 500 GHz Wireless Networks:
Design of Transistors, ICs, of Systems
2014 German Microwave Conference
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THz Wireless Technologies: Systems, Circuits, Transistors
2012 European Microwave IC Symposium

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Feasibility of THz ICs in Bipolar Technologies
2008 Compound Semiconductor IC symposium
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Frequency limits of bipolar ICs
2007 Indium Phosphide Conference
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Prospects for sub-mm-wave ICs & 300 digital logic:
2006 IEEE Device Research Conference
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140-220 GHz analog and digital ICs:
2005 IR & mm-wave / THz Confernce
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50+ GHz ICs:
2000 IEEE Bipolar/BiCMOS Circuits and Technology Meeting
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THz devices:
2000 European GaAs Conference  


mm-wave instrumentation using GaAs nonlinear transmission lines
1993 Cornell Conference on High-Speed  Devices.



Selected Invited Papers


InP Bipolar ICs: Scaling Roadmaps for 1 THz  Amplifiers, 500 GHz Logic:
IEEE Proceedings, 2008

Submicron Scaling of HBTs:
IEEE Transactions Electron Devices, 2001


Nonlinear Transmission Lines, mm-wave Instruments:
IEEE Proceedings, 1994