Recent Papers of Interest


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Series-connected mm-wave power amplifiers using sub-quarter-wave baluns
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ICs for optical wavelength-division-multiplexing demodulation in  the electrical domain
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180 mW Power Amplifiers at 220GHz.
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FinFETs by atomic layer epitaxy: few-nm body thickness, extreme heights
  3-D integration, low-power and  high-density ICs

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High Transconductance III-V MOSFETs
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100-670 GHz ICs from Teledyne & UCSB.
            Receivers            VCOs          Dynamic dividers                   Static Dividers
            monolithic PLLs         
            Monolithic Amplifiers

Ohmic Contacts approaching the Landauer limit: for THz & nm Transistors
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III-V FET channels for high current densities
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THz Bipolar Transistors
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