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Last updated 9/29/2013

Master's Degree Students.

Graduate students applying to admission to the ECE department can be admitted into the M.S., Ph.D., or combined M.S./Ph.D. programs.  This group does not provide financial support  (research assistantships) to students admitted to UCSB through the M.S.-only program.  If you would like to be considered for a research assistantship in this group, please be sure to apply for admission to the Ph.D.  or combined  M.S./Ph.D. programs, and not the M.S.-only program.












Graduate Research Positions in Device Physics and IC Design.

The group recuits every year new Ph.D. students with interests in IC design, semiconductor devices, and materials growth.  The normal application process to the department and the university should be followed; please mention in your application rodwell group if you have specific interest in working with us. 


Student applicants frequently also correspond with the group directly by email: this is no substitute for a formal application for graduate admission to UCSB. If you do write, please keep your letter and your resume very short and very focused. I am afraid that I receive far too many such letters to be able to answer most of them personally: I will be much more likely to be able to find time to respond thoughtfully to your letter if it addresses the specific project in the group which you seek to join, and if you can provide a reference from a well-known researcher or professor working in semiconductor devices or IC design.

Postdoctoral Research Positions

While I have no specific postdoctoral positions open at present (9/27/2013) , I would be interested in hearing from highly qualified researchers having expertise and interest in high-frequency IC design or in transistors and related electron devices.

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