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Recent Publications - Igor Mezic

[1] Vainchtein, D., Mezic, I.. Vortex-based control algorithms. Control of Fluid Flow, 330:189-212, 2006.
[2] Mezic, I.. On the dynamics of molecular conformation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States, 103:7542-7547, 2006.
[3] Tuval, I., Mezic, I., Bottausci, F., Zhang, Y. T., MacDonald, N. C., Piro, O.. Control of particles in microelectrode devices. Physical Review Letters, 95, 2005.
[4] Mathew, G., Mezic, I., Petzold, L.. A multiscale measure for mixing. Physica D-Nonlinear Phenomena, 211:23-46, 2005.
[5] Mezic, I.. Spectral properties of dynamical systems, model reduction and decompositions. Nonlinear Dynamics, 41:309-325, 2005.
[6] Mezic, I., Banaszuk, A.. Comparison of systems with complex behavior. Physica D-Nonlinear Phenomena, 197:101-133, 2004.
[7] Vainchtein, D., Mezic, I.. Capture into resonance: A method for efficient control. Physical Review Letters, 93, 2004.
[8] Hagen, G., Mezic, I., Bamieh, B.. Distributed control design for parabolic evolution equations: Application to compressor stall control. IEEE Transactions on Automatic Control, 49:1247-1258, 2004.
[9] Vainchtein, D., Mezic, I.. Optimal control of a co-rotating vortex pair: Averaging and impulsive control. Physica D-Nonlinear Phenomena, 192:63-82, 2004.
[10] Bottausci, F., Mezic, I., Meinhart, C. D., Cardonne, C.. Mixing in the shear superposition micromixer: three-dimensional analysis. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society of London Series A-Mathematical Physical and Engineering Sciences, 362:1001-1018, 2004.
[11] Noack, B. R., Mezic, I., Tadmor, G., Banaszuk, A.. Optimal mixing in recirculation zones. Physics of Fluids, 16:867-888, 2004.
[12] Vaidya, U., Mezic, I.. Controllability for a class of area-preserving twist maps. Physica D-Nonlinear Phenomena, 189:234-246, 2004.
[13] Chang, D. E., Loire, S., Mezic, I.. Closed-form solutions in the electrical field analysis for dielectrophoretic and travelling wave inter-digitated electrode arrays. Journal of Physics D-Applied Physics, 36:3073-3078, 2003.
[14] Muller, S. D., Mezic, I., Walther, J. H., Koumoutsakos, P.. Transverse momentum micromixer optimization with evolution strategies. Computers & Fluids, 33:521-531, 2004.
[15] Solomon, T. H., Mezic, I.. Uniform resonant chaotic mixing in fluid flows. Nature, 425:376-380, 2003.
[16] Hagen, G., Mezic, I.. Spillover stabilization in finite-dimensional control and observer design for dissipative evolution equations. Siam Journal on Control and Optimization, 42:746-768, 2003.
[17] Mezic, I.. Controllability, integrability and ergodicity. Multidisciplinary Research in Control, 289:213-229, 2003.
[18] Balasuriya, S., Mezic, I., Jones, C. K. R. T.. Weak finite-time Melnikov theory and 3D viscous perturbations of Euler flows. Physica D-Nonlinear Phenomena, 176:82-106, 2003.
[19] Newton, P. K., Mezic, I.. Non-equilibrium statistical mechanics for a vortex gas. Journal of Turbulence, 3, 2002.
[20] Vainchtein, D., Mezic, I.. Control of a vortex pair using a weak external flow. Journal of Turbulence, 3, 2002.
[21] Valente, A. X. C. N., McClamroch, N. H., Mezic, I.. Hybrid dynamics of two coupled oscillators that can impact a fixed stop. International Journal of Non-Linear Mechanics, 38:677-689, 2003.
[22] Mezic, I.. An extension of Prandtl-Batchelor theory and consequences for chaotic advection. Physics of Fluids, 14:L61-L64, 2002.
[23] Mezic, I., Sotiropoulos, F.. Ergodic theory and experimental visualization of invariant sets in chaotically advected flows. Physics of Fluids, 14:2235-2243, 2002.
[24] D'Alessandro, D., Mezic, I., Dahleh, M.. Statistical properties of controlled fluid flows with applications to control of mixing. Systems & Control Letters, 45:249-256, 2002.
[25] Stroock, A. D., Dertinger, S. K. W., Ajdari, A., Mezic, I., Stone, H. A., Whitesides, G. M.. Chaotic mixer for microchannels. Science, 295:647-651, 2002.
[26] Mezic, I.. Break-up of invariant surfaces in action-angle-angle maps and flows. Physica D-Nonlinear Phenomena, 154:51-67, 2001.
[27] Mezic, I.. Chaotic advection in bounded Navier-Stokes flows. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 431:347-370, 2001.
[28] Salapaka, S., Dahleh, M., Mezic, I.. On the dynamics of a harmonic oscillator undergoing impacts with a vibrating platform. Nonlinear Dynamics, 24:333-358, 2001.
[29] Fountain, G. O., Khakhar, D. V., Mezic, I., Ottino, J. M.. Chaotic mixing in a bounded three-dimensional flow. Journal of Fluid Mechanics, 417:265-301, 2000.
[30] Basso, M., Giarre, L., Dahleh, M., Mezic, I.. Complex dynamics in a harmonically excited Lennard-Jones oscillator: Microcantilever-sample interaction in scanning probe microscopes. Journal of Dynamic Systems Measurement and Control-Transactions of the Asme, 122:240-245, 2000.

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