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Graduate Courses

Classes Offered During 2009/2010 Academic Year

Fall 2009
Course Name
ECE 147A Feedback Control Systems: Theory and Design Teel
ChE 152A Process Dynamics and Control Seborg

210A/ChE 211

Matrix Analysis and Computation Smith
ECE 230A/ME 243A Linear Systems I Bamieh
ECE 270 Game Theory Hespanha
ME 201 Advanced Dynamics Mezic
ME 215A Applied Dynamical Systems I Moehlis
ME 225 Distributed Control (Special Topics) Bullo

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Winter 2010
Course Name
ECE 130B Signal Analysis and Processing Chandrasekaran
ECE 147B Digital Control Systems--Theory and Design Smith
ECE 152B Process Dynamics and Control Doyle
ECE 236B/ME 236 Nonlinear Control Systems Teel
ECE 230B/ME 243B Linear Systems II Khammash
ECE 594D Robot Locomotion Byl

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Spring 2010
Course Name
ECE 130C Signal Analysis and Processing (Linear Algebra) Chandrasekaran
ECE 147C/ME 106A Control Systems Design Project Hespanha
ME 155A Control System Design I Khammash
ME 170A/ECE 181A Introduction to Robotics: Robot Mechanics Bullo
ME 170C/ECE 181C Introduction to Robotics: Robot Control Paden
ME169/ECE 183 Nonlinear Phenomena Teel
ME 203 Advanced Dynamics Mezic
ECE 238 Advanced Control Design Laboratory Byl

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