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Winter 2011 Seminar Series

For printable version: Seminar Winter 2011

Jan. 14
Ming Gu photo

Ming Gu, University of California at Berkeley
Structured Matrix Computations: Algorithms and Applications

3:00pm, 1100 WEBB
Jan. 21
andy ruina photo Andy Ruina, Cornell University
Rotation with Zero Angular Momentum: Demonstrations of the Falling Cat Phenomenon Gone Sour
3:00pm, 1100 WEBB
Jan. 28
Randy Beard photo Randy Beard, Brigham Young University
3:00pm, 1100 WEBB
Feb. 4
Shinkumar Chandrasekaran photo

Shinkumar Chandrasekaran, UCSB
High-Order Finite-Difference Methods on Irregular Grids for Elliptic PDEs

3:00pm, 1100 WEBB
Feb. 11
Jeff Shamma photo Jeff Shamma, Georgia Institute of Technology
Dynamical and Equilibrium Selection in Evolutionary Systems
3:00pm, 1100 WEBB
Feb. 18
Sbalzarini Ivo Fabian photo Sbalzarini Ivo Fabian, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich
From Stochastic Optimization to More Efficient Simulation Algorithms
3:00pm, 1100 WEBB
Feb. 25
Lucy Pao photo Lucy Pao, University of Colorado at Boulder
Control of Wind Turbines: Accomplishments and Challenges
3:00pm, 1100 WEBB
Mar. 4
Jorge Goncalves photo Jorge Goncalves, University of Cambridge
Biochemical Network Inference from Data
3:00pm, 1100 WEBB
Mar. 11
Nuno Martins photo Nuno Martins, University of Maryland
3:00pm, 1100 WEBB

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