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Fall '05 Seminar Series


Sept. 23
seborg Dale Seborg, UCSB
Process and Control System Performance Monitoring Based on Unsupervised Pattern Matching
3:00pm, 2162 Eng I
Sept. 30
datta Aniruddha Datta, Texas A & M University
Modeling and Control in Cancer Genomics
3:00pm, 2162 Eng I
Oct. 7
gibou Frederic Gibou, UCSB
Discretization of Parabolic PDE's for Stefan Problems and Fluid Flows
3:00pm, 2162 Eng I
Oct. 14
turner Kimberly Turner, UCSB
Nonlinear Mechanics Approaches to Micro and Nano-Scale Sensing
3:15pm, 2162 Eng I
Oct. 21
mihailo Mihailo Jovanovic, University of Minnesota
Turbulence Suppression in Channel Flows by Small Amplitude Transverse Wall Oscillations

3:15pm, 2162 Eng I
Nov. 4
lall Sanjay Lall, Stanford University
Computation of Dynamic Invariants via Algebraic Set Representations
4:15pm, 2162 Eng I
Nov. 4
helton Bill Helton, University of California, San Diego
Convex Matrix Inequalities vs. Linear Matrix Inequalities
3:15pm, 2162 Eng I
Nov. 9
bequette Wayne Bequette, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Biomedical Applications of Control and Estimation Theory
3:30pm, Marine Science Bldg Aud
Nov. 18
cortes Jorge Cortes, University of California, Santa Cruz
Motion Coordination wih Spatially Distributed Information
Nov. 23
bekey George Bekey, University of Southern California
Legged Robots: Applications and Research Issues

11:00am, Eng II Pav

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