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Fall 2010 Seminar Series

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Oct. 1
Torbjorn Nielsen photo Torbjørn Nielsen, Norwegian University of Science and Technology
Hydro Power Plants with Focus on the System Dynamics
3:00pm, 1100 WEBB
Oct. 8
  So-Cal Nonlinear Control Workshop
Loma Pelona 8:00am-5:00pm
Oct. 15
Hyungbo Shim photo Hyungbo Shim, Seoul National University
Analysis and Synthesis of Disturbance Observer as an Add-on Robust Controller
3:00pm, 1100 WEBB
Oct. 22
Pablo Parrillo photo

Pablo Parrilo, MIT
Optimal Decentralized Contol over Posets: A State Space Solution for H2 State-Feedback

3:00pm, 1100 WEBB
Oct. 29
Katie Byl photo Katie Byl, UCSB
Exploiting Passive Dynamics in Robot Motion
3:00pm, 1100 WEBB
Nov. 5
Predrag Cvitanovic photo Predrag Cvitanović, Georgia Institute of Technology
Turbulence? Tachycardia? and What to do About it
3:00pm, 1100 WEBB
Nov. 8
Robert Tempo photo Roberto Tempo, Politecnico di Torino
Design of Uncertain Complex Systems: A Randomization Viewpoint
4:00pm, 1001 ESB
Nov. 10
Rick Middleton photo Rick Middleton, The Hamilton Institute, The National University of Ireland, Maynooth
Modeling and Control of HIV Mutation and Escape
1:00pm, 2001 ESB

Nov. 19

Keith Glover photo Keith Glover, The University of Cambridge, U.K.

3:00pm, 1100 WEBB
Dec. 1
Marija Ilic photo Marija Ilić, Carnegie Mellon University
Dynamic Monitoring and Decision Systems for Sustainable Socio-Ecological Energy Systems (SEES)
4:00pm, 1001 ESB
Dec. 3
Guiseppe Calafiore photo Giuseppe Calafiore, Politecnico di Torino
Random Convex Programs
3:00pm, 1100 WEBB

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