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Spring '05 Seminar Series

April 8 poolla Wireless Sensors for Seminconductor Manufacturing
Professor Kameshwar Poolla
Professor of Mechanical Engineering and EECS
University of California, Berkeley
seminar flyer (pdf)
April 14 anther Linear Quadratic Performance Criteria for Cascade Control
Ather Gattami
Ph.D. Student, Lund University Sweden
seminar flyer (pdf)
April 15 guo Exploring the Maximum Capability of Feedback in Dealing with Uncertainties
Professor Lei Guo
President of the Chinese Academy of Mathematics and Systems Science
seminar flyer (pdf)
April 22 loire Precise Control and Manipulatin of Micro/Nano/bioparticles with Time-Dependent Electric Fields
Sophie Loire
Ph.D. Candidate at University of California, Santa Barbara
Mechanical and Enviromental Engineering
seminar flyer (pdf)
April 29 morse Silicatein: Remarkable Protein Discovered in Glass
Professor Daniel Morse and Meredith Murr
Molecular, Cellular and Developmental Biology, BMSE, ICB, CNSI, & MRL
University of California, Santa Barbara
seminar flyer (pdf)
May 6 pellin Dual Control for Discrete-Time LQG Systems with Unknown Parameters
Professor Peilin Fu
Lecturer and Postdoctoral Researcher
University of California, Riverside
seminar flyer (pdf)
May 20 grizzle Walking and Running in Bipedal Robots: Control Theory and Experiments
Professor Jessy W. Grizzle
Control Systems Laboratory, EECS Department
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
seminar flyer (pdf)
May 20 gillespie Closest Point Maintenance for Haptic Rendering of Hybrid Dynamical Virtual Environments
Professor Brent Gillespie
Department of Mechanical Engineering
University of Michigan
seminar flyer (pdf)
May 27 frazzoli Teamwork vs. Congestion: The Role of Scale in Multi-Robot Systems
Professor Emilio Frazzoli
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
University of California, Los Angeles
seminar flyer (pdf)
June 15 jonck Sensory Motor Instability and Central Pattern Generator in Spinal Oscillations
Professor Edmond Jonckheere
Department of Electrical Engineering
University of Southern California
seminar flyer (pdf)
June 20 kellet TCP: Systems Analysis and Design
Christopher Kellett Ph.D.
Hamilton Institute
seminar flyer (pdf)
August 5 qiu Purturbation Analysis beyond Singular Values --- A Metric Geometry on the Grassmann Manifold
Professor Li Qiu
Electrical and Electronic Engineering
Hong Kong University of Science and Technology
seminar flyer (pdf)
August 5 anderson Sensor Network Localization
Professor Brian D O Anderson
National ICT Australia Limited and Research School of Information Sciences and Engineering, Australian National University
seminar flyer (pdf)

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