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Spring '07 Seminar Series

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April 6
koon Wang Sang Koon, California Institute of Technology
Collective Coordinates and Driving Mechanisms for Conformational Transitions of Complex Molecules
seminar flyer (pdf)
3:00pm, 2001 ESB
April 13
jmilton John Milton, Claremont McKenna College
Balancing at the Edge of Stability

seminar flyer (pdf)

3:00pm, 2001 ESB
April 20
grunbaum Daniel Grünbaum, University of Washington
Towards an Algorithmic Understanding of Coordinated Movements in Biological Groups

seminar flyer (pdf)
3:00pm, MRL 2053
April 27
naira Naira Hovakimyan, Virginia Polytech Institute
The Theory of Fast and Robust Adaptation

seminar flyer (pdf)
3:00pm, MRL 2053
May 4
lynch Kevin Lynch, Northwestern University
Multi-Agent Coordination by Decentralized Estimation and Control

seminar flyer (pdf)

3:00pm, 2001 ESB
May 8
chow Joe H. Chow, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Distributed Sensor Based Model Reduction of Large Power Systems

seminar flyer (pdf)

10:00am, 2001 ESB
May 11
rogers Jeff Rogers, HRL Laboratories/California Institute of Technology
Laser Array Dynamics: Theory and Experiment

seminar flyer (pdf)

3:00pm, Frank Hall 4164
May 18

Paul Newton, University of Southern California
Constructing Point Vortex Equilibria via Brownian Ratchets

seminar flyer (pdf)
3:00pm, 2001 ESB
May 24

Stephan Bohacek, University of Delaware
Capacity Maximization in Urban Mesh Network

seminar flyer (pdf)

11:00am, Frank Hall 4164
June 1
drago Drago Siljak, Santa Clara University
Dynamic Graphs

3:00pm, 2001 ESB



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