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Winter '06 Seminar Series


Jan. 13
doyle John Doyle, Caltech
Complexity and Robustness in Biological and Technological Networks
3:00pm, 1414 BREN
Jan. 20
rath Muruhan Rathinam, University of Maryland, BC
Leaping Methods in Stochastic Chemical Kinetics
3:00pm, 2001 ESB
Jan. 20
gilles Dieter Gilles, Stuttgart University
Signal Conduction and Regulation in Bacteria
4:00pm, 2001 ESB
Jan. 27
elia Nicola Elia, Iowa State University
Communication Channels in Loops: Limitations and Opportunities
3:00pm, 2162 Eng I
Feb. 3
astrom Karl Astrom, UCSB
Nyquist and His Seminal Papers

3:00pm, 2001 ESB
Feb. 6
kalman Rudolf Kalman, ETH Zurich
The Birth of Modern System Theory: Passive Network Synthesis (Attempted Flowering, Early Death, Why It Should Be Resurrected)
2:00pm, 2001 ESB
Feb. 7
vid M. Vidyasagar, Tata Consultancy, India
The 4M Algorithm for Stochastic Modelling with Applications to Gene Finding
11:00am, Eng II Pav
Feb. 10
giarre Laura Giarre, University of Palarmo, Italy
Cooperative Control
3:00pm, 2162 Eng I
Feb. 17
dullerud Geir Dullerud, University of Illinois, UC
Networked and Distributed Control: Graphs, Permutations and Shifts
3:00pm, 2162 Eng I
Feb. 17
beck Caroline Beck, University of Illinois, UC
Modeling and Control of Anesthesia Delivery and Response
4:00pm, 2162 Eng I
Feb. 24
putinar Mihai Putinar, UCSB
Selected Topics on Positive Polynomials

3:00pm, 2162 Eng I

Feb. 27
krstic Miroslav Krstic, University of California, San Diego
Boundary Control of PDEs: A Short Course on Backstepping Designs
1:00pm, Bldg 406
Mar. 3
bitmead Bob Bitmead, University of California, San Diego
Model Predictive Control & Communications Resource Assignment in Coordinated Systems
3:00pm, 2162 Eng I
Mar. 3
morse Steve Morse, Yale University
Networked Control Systems
4:00pm, 2162 Eng I
Mar. 15
murray Richard Murray, Caltech
Networked Control for Autonomous Systems
3:00pm, Eng II Pav
Mar. 17
smith Roy Smith, UCSB
Boundary Riders; Prototypical Problems in Information, Communication, Consensus and Control in Sensor Networks
3:00pm, 2162 Eng I
Mar. 20
basar Tamar Basar, University of Illinois, UC
Optimal Estimation and Control with Limited Actions
3:00pm, 2001 ESB
Mar. 24
morari Manfred Morari, ETH Zurich
3:00pm, 2162 Eng I

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