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Winter '07 Seminar Series

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Jan. 12
primbs Jim Primbs, Stanford University
Stochastic Receding Horizon Control of Constrained Linear Systems with State and Control Multiplicative Noise
seminar flyer (pdf)
3:00pm, 2001 ESB
Jan. 19
gilbert John Gilbert, UCSB
An Interactive Environment for Combinatorial Supercomputing

seminar flyer (pdf)
3:00pm, 2001 ESB
Jan. 26
johansson Karl Johansson, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Wireless Control Systems: Scientific Challenges and Emerging Applications
seminar flyer (pdf)
3:00pm, 2001 ESB
Jan. 30
arcak Murat Arcak, Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute
Passivity as a Design Tool for Cooperative Control

seminar flyer (pdf)
3:00pm, 2001 ESB
Feb. 2
grafton Scott Grafton, UCSB
Identification of Brain Changes with Skill Learning Based on State Space Models: Applications in Human Neuroimaging
seminar flyer (pdf)
3:00pm, 2001 ESB
Feb. 5
arkin Adam Arkin, UC Berkeley
The Mohammed Dahleh Distinguished Lecture
Deconstructing Control in Cellular Networks

11:00am, 1003 KITP
Feb. 9
tabuada Paulo Tabuada, UCLA
On Correct-by-Design Embedded Control Software

seminar flyer (pdf)
3:00pm, 2001 ESB
Feb. 13

Karl Sigmund, University of Vienna, Austria
Topic: Population Dynamics in Biology

seminar flyer (pdf)

2:00pm, 1001 ESB (2 hours)
Feb. 16

Petar Kokotovic, UCSB
50 Years of Pontryagin's Principle

seminar flyer (pdf)

4:00pm, 2001 ESB
Feb. 23
brockett Roger Brockett, Harvard University
The Role of Broken Extremals in Nonholonomic Optimization

seminar flyer (pdf)

3:00pm, 1001 LSB Rathmann Auditorium

Mar. 2
ackermann Jurgen Ackermann, Inst. of Robotics & Mechatronics, Germany
The Human Reaction Time: What Can Control Do to Overcome It?
seminar flyer (pdf)
3:00pm, 2001 ESB
Mar. 7
khalil Hassan Khalil, Michigan State University
Conditional Servo/Integral Action in Nonlinear Control

seminar flyer (pdf)
3:00pm, 1001 ESB
Mar. 9

Tryphon Georgiou, University of Minnesota
Distances and Riemannian Metrics in Spectral Analysis
seminar flyer (pdf)

3:00pm, 2001 ESB
Mar. 16

Sanjoy Mitter, MIT
The Noisy Channel Coding Theorem and Bayesian Inference

seminar flyer (pdf)

3:00pm, 2001 ESB

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