Welcome to UCSB Computer Engineering

photo of Li-C. Wang

Computer Engineering continues to be one of the most marketable degrees and with some of the best salaries.

In fact, Computer Engineers are in the best position to help solve some of our societies most pressing problems by designing novel systems with emerging technologies.

The Computer Engineering Program at UCSB starts with a foundation of hardware and software fundamentals and extends that foundation with advanced elective sequences. Students then bring all this knowledge together in a capstone sequence that culminates in a Capstone Presentation Day.

Our website was created with the student in mind. We wanted prospective students to have access to questions such as "Why CE and UCSB?" and a Frosh-to-Senior Year Timeline and our current students to have better access to advising information, and CE's curriculum including the 4-year-plan, senior sequence courses, and Sr. year capstone project.

We’re sure you will find what you need on our website. If you don't, feel free to call us at 805/893-5615 or email us at info@ce.ucsb.edu.

We look forward to the 2016-17 academic year — Li-C. Wang, Director, CE Program

Key Areas of Interest

Undergraduate Areas of Interest

COE Interview: Professor Tim Sherwood

photo of tim sherwoodTim Sherwood simplifies computer security in relation to computer architecture. For info visit his lab's website ArchLab

Profs. Krintz & Wolski's research featured in UCSB Convergence magazine article "The Digital Farm"

photo of agriculture fieldsBoth believe that big data and cloud computing can play a significant role in addressing food challenges ahead. Along w/ other researchers and farmers they are developing an open- source software platform called SmartFarm.

Graduate Student Profile: Celeste Bean, B.S. / M.S.

photo of celeste beanHometown: Los Angeles, CA 
Research Interests: renewable energy, power grid development
Awards & Honors Received: Outstanding Teaching Assistant (CE Capstone - ECE 189A/B)

Undergrad Student Profile: Brian Sandler – Sr. Yr.

photo of Brian SandlerHometown: Carlisle, MA  and Del Mar, CA

Favorite Course: Computer Security, Databases, Machine Learning, and Networking
Senior Project: Sonos COM. – an intercom device that sends voice messages to any Sonos system in your home

Faculty Profile: Tevfik Bultan, Ph.D.

photo of tevfik bultan

Ph.D.: University of Maryland
Lab / Group: Verfication Lab (Vlab)
Research Areas: Software Verification, Program Analysis, Software Engineering, and Computer Security