"The Origin of 1/f Noise, Maybe"

Dr. Paul Norton, U.S. Army Night Vision Laboratory

May 6th (Friday), 3:00pm
Engineering Science Building (ESB), Rm 2001

PhD Defense: "Transparent Conducting Oxide Clad Limited Area Epitaxy Semipolar III-nitride Laser Diodes"

Anisa Myzaferi

May 2nd (Monday), 11:00am
Engineering Science Building (ESB), Rm 1001

PhD Defense: "Dry Etched Features for Advanced Waveguide Design in GaN Laser Diodes"

Joseph Nedy

May 2nd (Monday), 9:00am
Engineering Science Building (ESB), Room 1001

"Origins of Random Telegraph Noise, Bias Temperature Instability and Total Ionizing Dose -Defect-Oriented Degradations in Recent VLSIs"

Prof. Kazutoshi Kobayashi, Kyoto Institute of Technology

April 15th (Friday), 9:30am
Harold Frank Hall (HFH), Rm 4164 (ECE Conf. Rm.)

PhD Defense: "Test Data Analytics: Exploration of Hidden Patterns for Test Cost Reduction and Silicon Characterization"

Chun-Kai Hsu

March 23rd (Wednesday), 11:30am
Harold Frank Hall (HFH), Rm 4164 (ECE Conf. Rm.)

PhD Defense: "Soft Error Mitigation Studies"

Di Wang

March 16th (Wednesday), 3:00pm
Engineering Science Building (ESB), Room 2001 (ESB Conf. Rm.)

"Speeding Up Large-Scale Distributed Computation Using Codes and Scheduling"

Ramtin Pedarsani, Faculty Candidate, UC Berkeley

March 16th (Wednesday), 10:00am
Harold Frank Hall (HFH), Rm 4164 (ECE Conf. Rm.)

"Efficient Data-Driven Learning of Sparse Signal Models"

Saiprasad Ravishankar, Faculty Candidate, University of Michigan

March 14th (Monday), 10:00am
Harold Frank Hall (HFH), Rm 1132 (CS Conf. Rm.)

PhD Defense: "Toward a CMOS Integrated Biological Nanopore DNA Sequencer"

Danielle Morton

March 9th (Wednesday), 1:00pm
Elings Hall (CNSI), Room 1601

"Self-organized Traffic Control Based on Vehicle-to-vehicle Communication"

Wantanee Viriyasitavat, Lecturer, Mahidol University, Bangkok

March 9th (Wednesday), 10:45am
Harold Frank Hall (HFH), Rm 4164 (ECE Conf. Rm)