"Exploiting Passive Dynamics in Robot Motion"

Katie Byl, Assistant Professor, ECE Department, UCSB

October 29th (Friday), 3:00pm
Webb Hall, Rm 1100

PhD Defense: "High Aspect Ratio Transmission Line Circuits Micromachined in Silicon"

Shane T. Todd

October 29th (Friday), 2:00pm
Engineering Science Building (ESB), Rm 2001

"High-altitude Wind Energy Using Controlled Tethered Wings"

Lorenzo Fagiano, Politecnico di Torino, Italy

October 25th (Monday), 4:00pm
Engineering Science Building (ESB), Rm 1001

"Optimal Decentralized Control Over Posets: A State Space Solution for H2 State-Feedback"

Pablo A. Parrilo, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

October 22nd (Friday), 3:00pm
Webb Hall 1100

"The UCSB Terabit Optical Ethernet Center (TOEC) and the Greening of Photonic Technologies"

Daniel J. Blumenthal, ECE Professor, UCSB, Director, Terabit Optical Ethernet Center

October 20th (Wednesday), 4:00pm
Engineering Science Building (ESB), Rm 1001

"Context Aware Wireless Networks: A Physical Layer Perspective"

Behnaam Aazhang, Rice University

October 15th (Friday), 11:00am
Harold Frank Hall, Room 4164

"Computer Software: the “Trojan Horse” of HPC"

Steve Wallach Chief Scientist, Co-Founder, and Director, Convey Computer Corporation

October 13th (Wednesday), 4:00pm
Engineering Science Building (ESB), Rm 1001

"Self-Adaptable Memristive Memories for Optimal Detection Performance"

Sangho Shin, Post-doctoral Researcher, University of California, Merced

October 12th (Tuesday), 1:00pm
Harold Frank Hall 4164

"Energy Efficient Computing"

Tajana Simunic Rosing, Department of CSE, UCSD

October 8th (Friday), 10:45am
Engineering Science Building (ESB), Room 1001

"The Energy Crisis: Where Are We Headed and Who’s Doing What?"

David Auston, Director, Institute for Energy Efficiency and Center for Energy Efficient Materials University of California, Santa Barbara

October 6th (Wednesday), 4:00pm
Marine Science Building Auditorium (Rm 1302)