Faculty Research (A-Z)

Name Title Area Ph.D. Research Interest
Kaustav Banerjee Professor CE / EP University of California, Berkeley Nanoelectronics; Physics, Technology, and Applications of Low-Dimensional Nanomaterials; 2D Materials and their Heterostructures; Bioelectronics; Quantum Electronics; Ultra-Low Power Devices, Circuits and Sensors
Daniel Blumenthal Professor EP University of Colorado at Boulder Optical Networks and Packet Switching, Integrated Optics, Optical Wavelength Conversion, Ultrafast Optical Communications, Nanophotonics
John Bowers Professor EP Stanford University Photonic Materials, Devices, Systems and Networks
Forrest Brewer Professor CE University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign VLSI Design and Architecture, System Level Tools and Specification
James F. Buckwalter Professor EP California Institute of Technology High-speed Mixed-signal Circuits, RF and Millimeter-wave Integrated Circuits and Systems, CMOS and III-V ICs
Alberto Giovanni Busetto Assistant Professor CE ETH Zurich Predictive Systems, Machine Learning, Pattern Recognition, Optimal Experimental Design, Logical Systems, Information Processing, Dynamical Systems, Adaptive Systems, Computational Systems Biology
Katie Byl Associate Professor Controls Massachusetts Institute of Technology Robotics, Autonomous Systems, Dynamics, Control, Manipulation, Locomotion, Learning
Shiv Chandrasekaran Professor Controls Yale University Fast Algorithms for Partial Differential Equations, Signal and Image Processing
Kwang-Ting (Tim) Cheng Professor CE University of California, Berkeley Design Validation, Verification,Testing, and Reliability for Circuits and Systems; Mobile Embedded Systems; Multimedia Computing
Larry Coldren Professor EP Stanford University Optoelectronic Materials and Devices with an emphasis on Photonic Integrated Circuits for Optical Communication and Sensing Applications
Nadir Dagli Professor EP Massachusetts Institute of Technology Design, Fabrication, and Modeling of Photonic Integrated Circuits; Ultra-fast Electro-optic Modulators; WDM Components; Photonic Nanostructures
Steven Denbaars Professor EP University of Southern California Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Optoelectronics and Electronics
Jerry Gibson Professor CSP Southern Methodist University Voice and Video Compression, Multimedia over Networks, Wireless Communications
Arthur Gossard Research Professor & Professor Emeritus EP University of California, Berkeley Growth of Quantum Structures and Nanostructures by Molecular Beam Epitaxy
João Hespanha Professor Controls Yale University Control Theory with Emphasis on Hybrid Systems, Communication Networks, Networked Control Systems
Jonathan Klamkin Associate Professor EP University of California, Santa Barbara Integrated Photonics, Silicon Photonics, Optical Communications, Nanophotonics, Microwave Photonics, Compound Semiconductors, Photonic Integration Techniques, Electronic-photonic Integration
Petar Kokotovic Research Professor & Professor Emeritus Controls USSR Academy of Science Control Theory with Applications to Control of Automotive and Jet Engines
Herbert Kroemer Professor EP University of Göttingen, Germany Heterostructures; General Solid-state and Device Physics; Quantum Mechanics; Photonic Crystal
Hua Lee Professor Emeritus CSP University of California, Santa Barbara High-Resolution Imaging Techniques; Microwave, Acoustic, and Ultrasound Imaging Systems; Medical Imaging Devices; Distributed Sensing and Imaging Networks
Michael Liebling Associate Professor CSP École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Switzerland (EPFL) Image Processing, Optical Microscopy, Biological Imaging
Upamanyu Madhow Professor CSP University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign Wireless Communication, Sensor Networks, Multimedia Security
B.S. Manjunath Professor CSP University of Southern California Image Informatics
Jason Marden Assistant Professor Controls University of California, Los Angeles Game theoretic methods for coordination of large scale distributed systems
Margaret Marek-Sadowska Professor CE Technical University of Warsaw VLSI Layout and Logic Synthesis, Fault Diagnosis, Algorithms for VLSI CAD
Umesh Mishra Professor EP Cornell University Physics and Technology of Devices Based on Wide Bandgap Materials. Applications: Microwave Electronics, Power Electronics, Opto-electronics and Sensing
Sanjit Mitra Research Professor & Professor Emeritus CSP University of California, Berkeley Digital Signal, Image and Video Processing, Data Compression, Image and Video Enhancement, Image Analysis, Mixed Analog-digital Signal Processing
Yasamin Mostofi Associate Professor CSP /
Stanford University Mobile Sensor/Vehicle Networks, Wireless Communications, Networked Control Systems
Christopher Palmstrøm Professor EP University of Leeds, U.K. Spintronics, Metallization of Semiconductors, Thin Film Analysis, Dissimilar Materials Epitaxial Growth, and Molecular Beam and Chemical Beam Epitaxial Growth of Metallic Compounds, Functional Materials, Magnetic Materials and Compound Semiconductors
Behrooz Parhami Professor CE University of California, Los Angeles Computer Arithmetic, Parallel Processing, Dependable Computing, Computer Architecture
Pierre Petroff Research Professor & Professor Emeritus EP University of California, Berkeley Growth and Spectroscopy of Confined 2D and 3D Confined Electrons in Semiconductors; Modifications of the Electronic States in these Quantum Confined Systems w/ Confined Photons
Lawrence Rabiner Professor CSP Massachusetts Institute of Technology Digital Signal Processing, Speech Processing, Multimodal User Interfaces
Mark Rodwell Professor EP Stanford University Transistors for THz & VLSI, High-Frequency ICs, RF-ICs
Kenneth Rose Professor CSP California Institute of Technology Information Theory, Signal Compression and Networking, Pattern Recognition
Clint Schow Professor EP University of Texas at Austin Optoelectronic/Electronic Integration and Co-design, Photonic Switching, Equalization Techniques for High-speed Optical Links, Optoelectronic Devices, Integrated Transceiver Packaging
Jon Schuller Assistant Professor EP Stanford University Nanophotonics, Plasmonics, Metamaterials, Photovoltaics, Organic Semiconductors, and IR Spectroscopy
Pradeep Sen Associate Professor CSP Stanford University Computer Graphics, Imaging, Computer Vision
John Shynk Professor CSP Stanford University Adaptive Signal Processing, Wireless Communications
Dmitri Strukov Associate Professor CE Stony Brook University Solid-state Nanoionics and Nanoelectronics, Emerging Devices Technologies, Non-volatile Memories, Digital and Bio-inspired Circuit Architectures
Andrew Teel Professor Controls University of California, Berkeley Nonlinear and Hybrid Control Systems Design
Luke Theogarajan Associate Professor CE Massachusetts Institute of Technology Low-Power Analog VLSI, Biomimetic Nanosystems, Neural Prostheses, Biosensors, Block Polymer Synthesis, Self-Assembly, and Microfabrication
Yon Visell Assistant Professor CSP McGill University Haptics, Robotics, Tactile Sensing, Soft Electronics, Bioinspired Systems
Li-C Wang Professor CE University of Texas at Austin Design Verification, Timing Validation, Silicon Debug and Diagnosis
Yuan Xie Professor CE Princeton University VLSI Design, Electronics Design Automation, Computer Architecture, Embedded Systems Design
Pochi Yeh Professor EP California Institute of Technology Nonlinear Optics, Holography, Photonic Crystals, Liquid Crystal Displays
Robert York Professor EP Cornell University Electronics and Photonics; Microwave and Millimeter-wave Circuits and Devices; Ferroelectric Thin-film Technology and Applications