CV E-mail: akyol@illinois.edu

I am currently a postdoctoral researcher at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, working with Tamer Basar and Cedric Langbort. My research interests are on the interplay of networked information theory, game theory, communications and control. 


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Sept 2014: NSF proposal I wrote with Ubli Mitra and Ashutosh Nayyar is accepted (project)

Feb 2014: Invited talk at ITA, UCSD (intro video)

Jan 2014: Invited talk at Stanford (abstract)

Oct 2013: Invited talk at Purdue (abstract)

May 2013: Invited talk at UC San Diego  ( abstract)

April 2013: DA paper is on Arxiv (to appear in ITW13). full text

April 2013: Random quantization journal paper is accepted full text

April  2013: Invited talk at Mississippi State University

April  2013: Invited talk at USC  (abstract)

March 2013: New jamming paper (to appear in CDC13) is on Arxiv. full text

Aug 2012: Invited talk at UIUC ( abstract)

July 2012:  Invited talk at NJIT (abstract)

March 2012: Invited talk at UC Riverside (abstract)