I'm a PhD student in SEALab, Dept. of ECE, UCSB since 2015. My advisor is Prof. Yuan Xie. Before I transfered with my advisor, I spent a semester in Dept. of CSE, Penn State University. I received my B.S. and M.S. degree from Dept. of EE, Tsinghua University, in 2011 and 2014 respectively. My master advisor was Prof. Yongpan Liu.

My current research interests are: (1) Processing-in-memory architecture, with emphasis on emerging NVM. (2) Nonvolatile memory circuit/architecture design and optimization;  

Previously, I also worked on system-level synthesis and nonvolatile processor based energy harvesting system. Please check my google citation

Recent News:
  • [06/17/16] NVSIm-CAM paper accepted by ICCAD'16.
  • [06/17/16] NVSim talk at Mobitools workshop in ISCA'16 http://mobitools.ece.utexas.edu/ 
  • [03/05/16] Our paper "PRIME" has been accepted by ISCA'16, Finally!!
  • [02/15/16] Paper "PINATUBO" accepted by DAC 2016.
  • [01/15/16] Co-author paper "Nonvolatile Processor Architecture Exploration for Energy-Harvesting Applications"  published in HPCA (2015) has been selected for Micro's Top Picks 2016.