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Besides the three main focus areas of computer arithmetic, parallel processing, and dependable computing, Professor Parhami is engaged in research projects that cut across many subfields of computer engineering.

Defining the Field

Engineering is the art of applying scientific knowledge to the construction of artifacts and processes that serve useful functions, while satisfying practical constraints on cost, usability, and reliability. Engineers are basically links between scientists and ordinary people. They adapt scientific theories for everyday use and also formulate societal needs and problems in a way that motivates scientists to study those problems and to develop relevant theories for them. Increasingly, engineers, especially those with advanced degrees, also act as scientists in developing and testing new theories themselves. This type of engineer is sometimes indistinguishable from an applied scientist. With the pretext above, computer engineering can be defined as a discipline dealing with the design, implementation, and application of computing systems, subject to constraints on computation speed, available resources (e.g., budget, chip area, power), and service quality. Computer engineers apply computer science theories to the solution of computational problems, combining their knowledge of the relevant theories with engineering judgment. They also contribute to the science of computation by developing new theories that facilitate the realization of dependable, cost-effective systems and/or help explain practical computational phenomena.

Areas of Work

Computer engineering is an exciting field that teems with interesting and challenging problems. From time to time, Professor Parhami studies wide-ranging issues in this field that are not in his primary areas of research focus. These studies are often triggered by his consulting work, teaching assignments (e.g., ideas that motivate the students or enhance the learning environment), and his sense of social responsibility as an educator/engineer/scientist. Many of these are one-time projects that are difficult to categorize. Aspects of these studies are continuations of Professor Parhamiís early work on technology transfer and language-dependent considerations in computing (see B. Parhamiís Research Directions and History).

Current Threads

  • Digital system design and architecture [165] [213]

  • Professionalism and engineering ethics

  • Role of computer engineering in society [149]

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