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Professor Parhami has held academic positions since earning his first engineering degree in 1968. These academic positions, as well as formal advisory or consulting ties to various organizations, are listed below in chronological order. Teaching, supervisory, research, publication, professional, and service activities associated with academic positions are described in other parts of his CV and its various appendices.


1967 - 68  Engineer-in-Training (two summers), Karaj Dam & Tehran Regional Power Company
1968 - 69 Laboratory Instructor, School of Engineering, Tehran Univ., Iran
1970 - 73 Research Assistant & Post-Graduate Research Engineer, Computer Science Dept., UCLA
1972 - 74 Technical Consultant, Ultrasystems Inc., Newport Beach, CA. Affiliated with contract work on advanced spacecraft computers and reliable hardware design
1973 - 74  Acting Assistant Professor, Computer Science Dept., UCLA. Duties included teaching, contract management, and independent research.
1974 - 77 Assistant Professor, Dept. Math. & CS, Sharif Univ. of Technology (SHUT), Tehran. Standard tenure-track position.
1974 - 85 Organizer and Editor, Computer Systems Laboratory (CSL) Report Series, SHUT
1975 - 76 Director, Student Affairs Data Processing Unit, SHUT
1975 - 78 Data Processing Consultant, Parsons-Jurden International Corp., Tehran, Iran. Provided guidance on running cost accounting and other software on SHUT’s CDC Cyber 74 system.
1976 - 81 Automation Planning Consultant, Iran Ports and Shipping Organization, Tehran. Supervised project for developing computerized payroll and personnel systems and provided counsel on hardware, software, and educational needs.
1977 - 84 Associate Professor (tenured from 1978), Dept. Math. & Computer Science, SHUT
1977 - 78 Vice Chairman, Dept. Math. & Computer Science, SHUT. Assisted in departmental administration and managed the computer science group
1978 - 79 Senior Technical Advisor, Plan and Budget Organization, Government of Iran. Consulted on educational programs, networking, standardization, project evaluation, and related areas
1979 - 85 Coordinator of Computer Science Programs, Dept. Math. & Computer Science, SHUT
1984 - 88 Professor, Dept. Math. & Computer Science, SHUT. Was qualified to become Full Professor in 1982, but due to the closure of Iranian universities for the so-called “Cultural Revolution”, no promotion was awarded during 1980-83
1986 - 87 Visiting Professor, Dept. of Computer Science, Univ. of Waterloo, Canada (on sabbatical from SHUT). Some teaching, plus affiliation with the Systems on Silicon Research Group
1987 - 88 Visiting Professor, School of Computer Science, Carleton Univ., Ottawa (on sabbatical from SHUT). Teaching and independent research
1988 -  Professor, Dept. Electrical and Computer Engineering, Univ. of California, Santa Barbara
1989 -  Consultant to various industrial entities on the design and evaluation of high-performance digital systems and related intellectual property issues, including patent litigation
1990 - 92 Vice Chairman, Dept. Electrical and Computer Engineering, UCSB. Administered graduate recruitment, awarded financial aid, and served as departmental graduate advisor


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