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This page is of interest to current and prospective students, as well as to those visiting UCSB.

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Office Hours and Calendar


Please see B. Parhami's home page for office hours and availability.


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Graduate Admission to UCSB


Graduate admission to UCSB/ECE is highly competitive. We receive hundreds of applications and thousands of inquiries each year. Most inquiries and applications are from international students of whom we can admit a relatively small number, given the limited availability of financial aid for such applicants. Thus, even though Professor Parhami has a general policy of responding to every correspondence or e-mail message, he has made an exception to messages from prospective graduate applicants who typically seek "an assessment of their chances of being admitted or receiving financial aid"; he regretfully must delete all such messages. As a rule, graduate applicants should direct their inquiries to the ECE Department Graduate Admissions Office (for contact information, follow the academic departments link at and select ECE). It is, however, appropriate to contact Professor Parhami, after you have formally applied, to indicate your research interests or desire to work with him. Keep such messages brief and to-the-point, including a short paragraph stating  your main interests. Do not attach a resume or details of activities/projects. If Professor Parhami finds your work of interest, he will examine your application file and may make a positive recommendation to the admissions committee. Such a recommendation may influence the committee's decision to grant admission or financial aid.


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Financial Support for Graduate Applicants


A very small number of incoming graduate students are offered  full fellowships for four years, but for this, they must be recommended by the Department to a central fellowship committee, where they compete with graduate applicants from all disciplines. Others may be offered graduate student researcher (GSR) positions with particular faculty mentors; GSR positions are equivalent to research assistantships at other institutions. The  most common mode of financial support for incoming graduate students, however, is teaching assistantship. These are granted by the Department's administration, based on recommendations from the Graduate Admissions Committee and the instructional needs of courses that require TAs. Citizens and permanent residents of the United States are also eligible for other forms of fellowships. Although teaching assistantships and fellowships are usually granted for one year, with no guarantee of continued support in subsequent years, good students with normal progress toward their degree objective very seldom encounter problems in securing support for the entire duration of their graduate studies at UCSB.


Financial support is offered in rounds. If you are admitted but don't hear from us about financial support by the end of February, this often means that you were not selected for support in the first round. Most admitted applicants do eventually receive support in the second or third  round. Some who do not receive support decide to enroll on their own and subsequently obtain financial support midway through their first year or beginning with their second year. 


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Driving Directions


Santa Barbara is located on the beautiful Pacific coast, about 95 miles (150 km) north of Los Angeles and 320 miles (500 km) south of San Francisco. It can be reached from either city via the scenic US Highway 101. To get to Professor Parhami's office, Room 5155 in Harold Frank Hall (formerly Engineering I Building), proceed as follows. See the map below for the Engineering area of the UCSB campus and the map at the end of this page for the surrounding areas and approach roads.


ECE Building Map


(1) Coming from the south on northbound Highway 101, take the Airport/UCSB exit #104B onto Highway 217. This exit is past all 12 Santa Barbara exits and follows Turnpike and Patterson exits in Goleta. Drive 2 miles (3 km), keeping in the left lane, until you reach the UCSB east entrance roundabout at the end of the freeway. Turn right at the roundabout, stay in the left lane, and turn left into the east campus parking structure (Lot 10). Parking permits can be purchased from automatic dispensers located inside the structure by the elevators. Professor Parhami's office is in Room 5155 on the fifth floor of Harold Frank Hall (formerly Engineering I Building).


(2) Coming from the north on southbound Highway 101, take the Storke/UCSB exit #108, turning right onto Storke Road. Drive south toward the ocean, away from the mountains, for 1 mile (2 km), past three traffic lights, to the fourth traffic light at the end of Storke Road. Turn left onto El Colegio and drive 1 mile (2 km) to the UCSB west entrance. Where the road branches and turns right, take a  left turn onto Stadium Road. Proceed until the stop sign at the end of Stadium Road, turn right onto Mesa Road. At the third traffic light, turn right into the east campus parking structure (Lot 10). Parking permits can be purchased from automatic dispensers located inside the structure, next to the elevators.


(3) From Santa Barbara Airport, drive south on Moffet Place toward the ocean, away from the mountains, for about 1/2 mile (1 km). When you see the Highway 217 bridge, turn left onto the on-ramp to Highway 217. Once on Highway 217, keep left and proceed as in paragraph (1) above.


To get to Professor Parhami's home:


Coming from the south (north) on  northbound (southbound) US Highway 101, take the Glen Annie/Storke (Storke/UCSB) exit #108 and turn left (right) onto Storke Road. Drive south toward the ocean, away from the mountains, for 1 mile (2 km), past three traffic lights, to the fourth traffic light at the end of Storke Road. Turn right onto Devereux Road (not marked with a street sign) and after about 300 feet (100 m), left onto West Campus Lane. Drive past the UCSB Orfalea Family Children's Center on your left and through the winding road that turns to right, then to left. At the entrance to the faculty housing complex, take the right branch of the road, then take the first left and go straight to the end of the road. Professor Parhami's home is number  908 on West Campus Lane.


Here is a map of UCSB's surrounding areas.


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Dr. Behrooz Parhami, Professor

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Dept. Electrical & Computer Eng.                  Dept. fax: +1 805 893 3262
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Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9560 USA                      Deliveries: Room 4155 Eng. I