Criteria for lab reports

The report should have:

An abstract stating your results of hand analysis, simulation, and measured performance, and reference to any novel/clever/key design features.

A section giving your initial design by hand analysis (no long derivations, but give the expressions used to calculate each performance parameter) and hence your anticipated circuit performance. Justify your design decisions (choice of device, circuit topology, element values). A circuit diagram with element values is very helpful.

A section giving your initial computer-simulated design with plots showing relevant parameters. As always use readable scales (donít use 10 dB/div scales on S21, for example). If the circuit differs in topology or element values from the hand analysis, show a new circuit diagram.

A section describing the physical realization of your amplifier, including a sketch of its construction, and the measured circuit performance.

A section (if relevant) describing revisions made to the circuit if intial performance was unsatisfactory. Again draw circuit diagrams if element values or topologies change, plot results of relevant re-simulations, and plot the measured results of the revised circuits.


The format above is meant to be a guide, not a rigid set of rules, but above all, make sure that the key points (design procedure, initial and final designs, and results attained) are clearly presented and easily found.

Thanks !