How to import the 2N5179 BJT model into recent versions of ADS

2N5179 BJT model (pb_mot_2N5179_19921211) into the 2011 version of ADS. It is actually located within a zipped folder (RF_Transistors_vendor_kit.7z) inside the ADS directory. Instructions from the ADS manual:




1. Start ADS and open a workspace.


2. Choose DesignKits > Unzip Design Kit from the ADS main window.


3. Select the zipped component library (RF_Transistors_vendor_kit.7z in this case) in your ADS install directory (e.g., "C:\Agilent\ADS2011_05\oalibs\componentLib").


4. Select the directory where you want to unzip the library.


5. After the file is unzipped, enter the Design Kit name and click OK.


6. Click Yes in the Add Design Kit dialog box, to add the library to the current workspace.


7. Open a Schematic view and choose Insert > Component > Component Library, to view the Vendor Libraries in the Component Library browser.