Name: Mark J.W. Rodwell




Ph.D., Electrical Engineering, January 1988, Stanford University.

M.S.E.E., June 1982, Stanford University.

B.S.E.E., December 1980, University of Tennessee.



Born January 1960, Altrincham, Greater Manchester, England.
Emigrated with Parents to U.S.A. March 1967.

Naturalized U.S. Citizen.



Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering, UC, Santa Barbara, July 1996 - present.

Associate Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering, UC, Santa Barbara. July 1992 - June 1996.

Assistant Professor, Electrical & Computer Engineering, UC, Santa Barbara. Sept 1988 - June 1992.

Postdoctoral Research Associate, Stanford University. December 1987 to August 1988.

Research Assistant (Ph.D. Student), Stanford University. September 1984 to December 1987.

Member of Technical Staff, AT&T Bell Laboratories. July 1982 to August 1984.


Honors and Awards:

2010 IEEE David Sarnoff Award

2009 IEEE Indium Phosphide Conference Award

January 2003 - Elected Fellow of the IEEE

1998 European Microwave Conference Microwave Prize

1997 IEEE Microwave Prize


Major Administrative Appointments:

1997-present - Director of the Nanofabrication Laboratory at UCSB.

The Nanofabrication Laboratory is a central facility in the UCSB College of Engineering. It is presently a ~1,000-m facility, operated by a staff of 10, with ~$10 million in capital equipment, with an operating budget of c.a $5 Million per annum, of which ~$4 million is obtained from user recharges. The facility annually serves 275 UCSB Ph.D. students and 40 outside industrial users, and supports the research of 42 Professors in Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, and Materials.

2001- Present- Director of the Santa Barbara Node of the NSF National Nanofabrication Infrastructure Network (NNIN).

This was previously the National Nanofabrication users Network (NNUN).  Through NNIN, the NSF provides $0.6 Million per annum to the Nanofabrication Laboratory to finance the facilities' support of outside academic and industrial users, and to support educational outreach programs both to university undergraduates and to children in school.


Professional Activities (1997-present):


2009-present- Technical Advisory Board, Group4Labs, Inc.

2009: Consultant: Teledyne Scientific: design of microwave active filters.

2000-04 - Consultant and Member of Technical board, Gtran, Inc. Integrated circuit design for high-speed fiber
            optic transmission.  Semiconductor device design. Semiconductor process design. Optical component design.

2002 - Consultant, National Semiconductor: SiGe transistor design for high-speed logic applications

1998-2000- Consultant, New Focus Inc., Integrated Circuit Design for 10 Gb/s optical-fiber-based Ethernet. 

1989-2001 Consultant, HRL Labs, Malibu, Integrated circuit design for analog-digital converters and microwave radar


Technical Societies

2007-2009 IEEE Proceedings Editorial Board

2004-2005-2006 IEEE Sarnoff Award Committee

2004-present: steering committee,  IEEE/OSA Indium Phosphide & Related Materials


1997-2001 - IEEE Device Research Conference Program Committee

2000 - Technical Program Chair, IEEE Device Research Conference

2001 - General Chair, IEEE Device Research Conference

2002-2004, 2010-present. Board of Directors, IEEE Device Research Conference

2001 - Technical Program Chair, OSA Ultrafast Electronics  Conference

2003 - Technical Program Chair, IEEE/OSA Indium Phosphide & Related Materials

Conference, Santa Barbara, CA

2004 - Program Committee , IEEE/OSA Indium Phosphide & Related Materials Conference



2009 Audit Committee, School of Engineering,  Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne