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Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate Studies Overview

Apply to UCSB ECE, About the Program, Curriculum Highlights, Degree Program, Course & Student Spotlights, Mission, Why Electrical Engineering at UCSB?


Degree Requirements & Contacts (major and general education), 4-Yr Plan, Pubs (College & UCSB General Catalog), Guides / Forms, Course Listings


Three Types of Advisors (college, EE undergrad, EE faculty), Email a: (student, undergrad advisor, faculty, undergrad curriculum chair), Contacts

Path to Graduation

EE program's year-to-year timeline for the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior years including coursework, learning & experience, reminders & "To-Dos"

Prospective Student Resources

FAQs, CoE Information, Open House Dates, Quick Facts: How do I Apply?, Statistics, Commitment to Students, Helpful UCSB Resources, Why EE & UCSB?

Current Student Resources

FAQs, CoE Information, Who Do I Contact About? (when to contact the ECE Student Office or the CoE Student Affairs Office)

Course Listings

Announcements (new/canceled courses), flow charts, Resources (catalogs, GOLD, GauchoSpace, exam sched) & Listings (year, fall, winter, spring, summer)

Student Spotlights

Why I Chose (EE, UCSB, EE Program), Prep for UCSB EE, Student Life & more...

Graduate Studies

Graduate Studies Overview

Degree Requirements (ECE and Grad Div), Student Spotlight, Financial Support (grad student researcher (GSR), teaching asst. (TA), fellowships, financial aid)

Areas of Study

Communications, Control & Signal Processing, Computer Engineering, and Electronics & Photonics; Faculty Advisors & Research (areas, labs, groups)

Master's Degree (M.S.)

Overview and Timeline (typical), Plan Requirements (thesis or comprehensive exam), Course Requirements

Doctor of Philosophy Degree (Ph.D.)

Overview & Timeline (typical), Course Requirements, Exams (screening exam & doctoral committee; qualifying & advancing to candidacy; defense & dissertation)

Apply to ECE Grad School

Degrees (M.S., M.S. / Ph.D., and Ph.D.), Research Areas, Financial Support & Aid, Application (deadlines, frequently asked questions, processing, and status)

Current Student Resources

Graduate Student Office (role, announcements, contact us, top FAQs, Survival Manual, pubs, forms & more), M.S. and Ph.D. Degree Milestones & Procedures

Course Listings

Announcements (new/canceled courses), Resources (catalogs, GOLD, GauchoSpace, exam schedule) & Listings (year, fall, winter, spring, summer)

Student Spotlights

Why I Chose (EE, UCSB & Research), TA & GSRships; Student Life & more...