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Undergraduate Studies

Undergraduate Studies Overview

Apply to UCSB ECE, About the Program, Curriculum Highlights, Degree Program, Course & Student Spotlights, Mission, Why Electrical Engineering at UCSB?


Degree Requirements & Contacts (major and general education), 4-Yr Plan, Pubs (College & UCSB General Catalog), Guides / Forms, Course Listings


Three Types of Advisors (college, EE undergrad, EE faculty), Email a: (student, undergrad advisor, faculty, undergrad curriculum chair), Contacts

Path to Graduation

EE program's year-to-year timeline for the freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior years including coursework, learning & experience, reminders & "To-Dos"

Prospective Student Resources

FAQs, CoE Information, Open House Dates, Quick Facts: How do I Apply?, Statistics, Commitment to Students, Helpful UCSB Resources, Why EE & UCSB?

Current Student Resources

FAQs, CoE Information, Who Do I Contact About? (when to contact the ECE Student Office or the CoE Student Affairs Office)

Course Listings

Announcements (new/canceled courses), flow charts, Resources (catalogs, GOLD, GauchoSpace, exam sched) & Listings (year, fall, winter, spring, summer)

Student Spotlights

Why I Chose (EE, UCSB, EE Program), Prep for UCSB EE, Student Life & more...

Graduate Studies

Apply to ECE Grad School

Degrees (M.S., M.S. / Ph.D., and Ph.D.), Research Areas, Financial Support & Aid, Application (deadlines, frequently asked questions, processing, and status)

Graduate Studies Overview

Degree Requirements (ECE and Grad Div), Student Spotlight, Financial Support (grad student researcher (GSR), teaching asst. (TA), fellowships, financial aid)

Areas of Study

Communications, Control & Signal Processing, Computer Engineering, and Electronics & Photonics; Faculty Advisors & Research (areas, labs, groups)

Master's Degree (M.S.)

Overview and Timeline (typical), Plan Requirements (thesis or comprehensive exam), Course Requirements

Doctor of Philosophy Degree (Ph.D.)

Overview & Timeline (typical), Course Requirements, Exams (screening exam & doctoral committee; qualifying & advancing to candidacy; defense & dissertation)

Current Student Resources

Graduate Student Office (role, announcements, contact us, top FAQs, Survival Manual, pubs, forms & more), M.S. and Ph.D. Degree Milestones & Procedures

Course Listings

Announcements (new/canceled courses), Resources (catalogs, GOLD, GauchoSpace, exam schedule) & Listings (year, fall, winter, spring, summer)

Student Spotlights

Why I Chose (EE, UCSB & Research), TA & GSRships; Student Life & more...