Courses: Year 2014-2015

Undergraduate Courses — for most up-to-date schedule refer to GOLD
Number Undergraduate Courses Summer 2014 Fall 2014 Winter 2015 Spring 2015
1A Computer Engineering Seminar     Brewer  
1B Ten Puzzling Problems in Computer Engineering       Parhami
2A Circuits, Devices, & Systems   Lee    
2B Circuits, Devices, & Systems     Shynk  
2C Circuits, Devices, & Systems       Theogarajan
15A Fundamentals of Logic Design     Marek-Sadowska  
120A Integrated Circuit Design & Fabrication     Ben-Yaacov  
120B Integrated Circuit Design & Fabrication       Ben-Yaacov
121A Practice of Science        
121B Practice of Science        
122A VLSI Principles   Banerjee    
122B VLSI Architecture and Design     Brewer  
123 High-Performance Digital Circuit Design   Theogarajan    
125 High Speed Digital Integrated Circuit Design        
130A Signal Analysis & Processing   Madhow    
130B Signal Analysis & Processing   Lee
130C Signal Analysis & Processing       Chandrasekaran
132 Intro to Solid State Electronic Devices   Mishra    
134 Introduction to Fields & Waves   York    
135 Optical Fiber Communication       Dagli
137A Circuits & Electronics I     Rodwell  
137B Circuits & Electronics II       Rodwell
139 Probability & Statistics       Sen
140 Random Processes for Engineering        
141A Introduction to MEMS (offered by ME)     Turner / Pennathur  
141B Semiconductor Processing & Device Characterization (by ME)       Turner / Pennathur
141C Introduction to Microfluidics & BioMEMS (by ME)        
142 Introduction to Power Electronics       York
144 Electromagnetic Fields & Waves     Yeh  
145A Communication Electronics   Rodwell    
145B Communication Electronics     Theogarajan  
145C Communication Electronics       Buckwalter
146A Analog Communication Theory & Techniques   Mostofi    
146B Digital Communication Theory & Techniques     Mostofi  
147A Feedback Control Systems - Theory & Design   Teel    
147B Digital Control Systems - Theory & Design     Byl  
147C Control Systems Design Project       Bamieh
148 Applications of Signal Analysis & Processing       Lee
149 Active & Passive Network Synthesis        
150 Mobile Embedded Systems     Cheng / Kuo  
151 Distributed Systems       El Abbadi
152A Digital Design Principles Shynk   Busetto Busetto
153A Hardware / Software Interface   Brewer    
153B Sensor & Peripheral Interface Design     Johnson  
154A Introduction to Computer Architecture   Parhami    
154B Advanced Computer Architecture     Strukov  
155A Introduction to Computer Networks        
155B Network Computing        
156A Digital Design with VHDL & Synthesis   Wang    
156B Computer-Aided Design of VLSI Circuits     Wang  
158 Digital Signal Processing   Liebling    
160 Multimedia Systems       Manjunath / Kuo
162A Quantum Description of Electronic Materials   Schuller    
162B Fundamentals of Solid the State     DenBaars  
162C Optoelectronic Materials & Devices       Bowers
178 Introduction to Digital Image & Video Processing   Liebling    
179D Introduction to Robotics: Dynamics and Control       Byl
179P Introduction to Robotics: Planning and Kinematics   Smith    
181A Introduction to Robotics: Robot Mechanics (by ME)        
181B Introduction to Computer Vision     Wang  
181C Introduction to Robotics: Robot Control        
183 Nonlinear Phenomenon (offered by PHYS)       Moehlis
188A Senior Electrical Engineering Project   Ben-Yaacov    
188B Senior Electrical Engineering Project     Ben-Yaacov  
188C Senior Electrical Engineering Project       Ben-Yaacov
189A Senior Computer Systems Project   Johnson    
189B Senior Computer Systems Project       Johnson
192 Projects in Electrical and Computer Engineering        
193 Internship in Industry        
194 Special Topics in ECE       Schuller
196 Undergraduate Research      
199 Independent Study in Electrical & Computer Engineering      
Graduate Courses — for most up-to-date schedule refer to GOLD
Number Graduate Courses Summer 2014 Fall 2014 Winter 2015 Spring 2015
201A Electromagnetic Theory I   Dagli    
205 Information Theory     Gibson  
210A Matrix Analysis and Computation   Chandrasekaran    
210B Numerical Simulation (offered by CS)     Petzold  
210C Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations (Math)       Ceniceros
210D Numerical Solution of Partial Differential Equations (Math)   Atzberger    
211A Engineering Quantum Mechanics I     Schuller  
215A Fundamentals of Electronics Solids I       Yeh
215B Fundamentals of Electronics Solids II        
216 Defects in Semiconductors   Van De Walle  
217 Molecular Beam Epitaxy & Band Gap Engineering       Palmstrom
218A Communication Electronics   Rodwell    
218B Communication Electronics     Theogarajan  
218C Communication Electronics       Buckwalter
219 CMOS & RF Integrated Circuit Design        
220A Semiconductor Device Processing   Palmstrom    
220B Semiconductor Device Processing     Palmstrom  
220C Semiconductor Device Processing        
221A Semiconductor Device Physics I     Mishra  
221B Semiconductor Device Physics II       Mishra
223 High-Performance Digital Circuit Design   Theogarajan    
224A VLSI Project Design       Brewer
224B VLSI Project Testing        
225 High Speed Digital Integrated Circuit Design     Banerjee  
226 Level Set Methods (Offered by CS)        
227A Semiconductor Lasers I   Coldren    
227B Semiconductor Lasers II       Coldren
227C Photonic Integrated Circuits        
228A Fiber Optic Communications        
228B Fiber Optic Components and Systems        
228C Optical Networks        
229 Hybrid Systems        
230A Linear Systems I   Hespanha    
230B Linear Systems II   Bamieh  
232 Introductory Robust Control w/ Applications        
234 Modeling, Identification, & Validation for Control      
235 Stochastic Processes in Engineering   Shynk    
236 Nonlinear Control Systems     Teel  
237 Nonlinear Control Design        
238 Advance Control Design Lab        
240A Optimal Estimation and Filtering        
241 Multimedia Compression       Gibson
242 Digital Signal Compression   Rose    
243A Digital Communication Theory   Madhow  
243B Advanced Digital Communication        
245 Adaptive Filter Theory       Shynk
247 System Identification        
248 Kalman and Adaptive Filtering   Byl    
249 Adaptive Control Systems        
250 Wireless Communication and Networking   Rodoplu    
251 Mobile Embedded Systems     Cheng / Kuo  
252B Computer Arithmetic       Parhami
253 Embedded System Design   Brewer    
254A Advanced Computer Architecture: Supercomputers   Melliar-Smith    
254B Advanced Computer Architecture: Parallel Processing        
254C Advanced Computer Architecture: Distributed Systems        
255A VLSI Testing Techniques        
255B VLSI Design Validation     Wang  
256A Introduction to Design Automation   Marek-Sadowska    
256B Logic Design Automation        
256C Advanced VLSI Architecture and Design     Brewer  
256D Algorithmic Logic Synthesis       Marek-Sadowska
257A Fault Tolerant Computing     Parhami  
258A Advanced Digital Signal Processing        
258B Multirate Digital Signal Processing        
258C VLSI Digital Signal Processing        
259A Digital Speech Processing     Rabiner  
259B Fundamentals of Speech Recognition        
260A Principles of Quantum Electronics   Yeh    
267 Confined Electrons and Photons in Semiconductor Structures        
270 Noncooperative Game Theory        
271A Principles of Optimization       Mostofi
271B Numerical Optimization Methods        
271C Dynamic Optimization        
277 Pattern Recognition        
278A Digital Image Processing     Manjunath  
278B Principles of Biological Microscopy        
278C Imaging Systems        
279 Computer System Performance Evaluation   Moser    
281B Advanced Topics in Computer Vision       Turk
282 Error Correcting Codes     Rose  
290 Ethics in Academic and Industrial Research        
293 Internship in Industry        
295 Group Studies: Controls   Teel Teel Teel
493 Internship in Industry        
502 Teaching of Electrical & Computer Engineering   Dagli Dagli Dagli
594A Special Topics in ECE:       Banerjee
594B Special Topics in ECE: Systems Theory       Rodoplu
594BB Special Topics in ECE: Computer Engineering       Strukov / Xie
594C Special Topics in ECE: Advanced Wireless Communications     Rodoplu Rodoplu
594C Special Topics in ECE: Communications Systems        
594D Special Topics in ECE: Robotics       Byl
594E Special Topics in ECE: Signal Processing       Madhow
594Q Special Topics in ECE: Imaging Systems   Sen Sen  
594Z Special Topics in ECE: Nanotechnology       Banerjee / Schuller
595 Group Studies in Electrical & Computer Engineering        
596 Directed Research        
597 Individual Studies for M.S. / Ph.D. Comprehensive Exam        
598 Master's Thesis Research and Preparation        
599 Ph.D. dissertation Research and Preparation