Current Graduate Student Resources

About the Graduate Student Office

The Graduate Student Office is the administrative office within the ECE Department for graduate student affairs. The Student Affairs Manager helps graduate students navigate the bureaucratic maze during their studies at UCSB.

Examples of the Graduate Student Office support services:

The student office is the main resource for administrative matters for graduate students and also serves as a liaison to other offices on student affairs.

The Graduate Student Resource website pages were created to give students easy access to valuable information and frequently asked questions. Students should also refer to the M.S. or Ph.D. Milestones and Procedures pages for a timeline overview and reference information towards degree.

Most Frequently Asked Graduate Questions (FAQs)

How much does it cost for graduate school at UCSB?

UCSB Cost of Attendance Calculator

What types of financial support are available?

As a newly enrolled or continuing student, how can I apply for financial support / funding?

How many units are required for registration for each quarter?

The ECE Department requires its graduate students to be enrolled in 12 units of coursework each quarter. While other departments or administrative offices require only 8 units of coursework each quarter, ECE requires more. Non-compliance may result in academic probation. Please plan courses carefully.
NOTE: Media Arts and Technology (MAT) and Technology Management Program (TMP) courses do not count towards the required 12 units of coursework. If in doubt, contact the ECE Graduate Student Office.

Can I take courses in other departments?

Yes, however, only courses in the science and engineering fields may count towards the M.S. degree requirements. One can take courses in the humanities and social sciences if one wishes to do so. Any upper division undergraduate courses taken as a graduate student taken for a letter grade will count towards the cumulative G.P.A. (grade point average). Lower division classes never count towards the overall G.P.A. for graduate students. NOTE: individual departments control their own courses

Can I take a leave of absence?

A student may only take a leave of absence for the following reasons:

  1. Medical (need a doctor's note);
  2. Parenting (need child's birth certificate);
  3. Military (need military orders);
  4. Family emergency; and
  5. Filing fee (only for those done with all course requirements but yet have to take the M.S. Comprehensive Exam or file M.S. Thesis) and for those PhD students who just have to file the dissertation