Three Types of Advisors for EE Undergraduates

ECE department undergraduate advising is administered at the
university, major, and content levels.
The ECE Undergraduate Advisor is the general "go to" advisor
when students are not sure where to go to get help.

College (CoE) Advisor

(CoE & University Level)
  • university policies and procedures
  • general education progress checks
  • academic probation and contracts
  • additional information (e.g., Education Abroad Program)

EE Undergraduate Advisor

(Major Level)
  • general "go to" advisor
  • major requirements
  • policies and procedures
  • yearly progress checks
  • course planning
  • scheduling
  • prerequisite changes
  • senior electives

EE Faculty

(Content Level)
  • assigned freshman year
  • content level course materials
  • recommendations
  • planning
  • additional information (e.g., research opportunities and grad school questions)