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The class I want to take is full - what can I do to get in it?

If it is an ECE class, visit the ECE Student Affairs Office in Trailer 380, Room 101 or email Otherwise, go to the department offering the class that is full.

How can I change to the electrical engineering major from another major?

First, consult with the ECE Academic Advisor and review the College of Engineering requirements. Then, students may petition to enter the computer engineering major when the requirements below are met.

  1. An overall UCSB grade point average of at least 3.0.
  2. Satisfactory completion at UCSB, with a grade point average of 3.0 or better, of at least five classes, including at least two mathematics classes, from the following: Mathematics 4B, Math 6A, Math 6B, ECE 10A-B-C and 10AL-BL-CL, ECE 15A. The calculation of the minimum G.P.A. will be based on all classes completed from this list at the time of petitioning.

What is the minimum grade that I must have to pass my EE core classes?

All required math and computer science classes require a C or better to pass and all ECE classes require a C - or better to meet minimum prerequisites for later classes in ECE. For all other courses taken at UCSB, a letter grade of D- or better is considered passing but may be insufficient for use as prerequisites for future courses.

Who do I contact if I have curriculum questions?

To receive a Electrical Engineering degree from UCSB, students must satisfy three sets of requirements: major, college and university. As a first point of reference for curriculum questions, go to the ECE Curriculum webpage. For additional questions, contact the following:

  • MAJOR (Electrical Engineering degree requirements): ECE Student Affairs Office - Trailer 380, Rm 101 | (805) 893-8292 |
  • COLLEGE (College of Engineering general education requirements): College of Engineering Office of Undergraduate Studies - Harold Frank Hall, Room 1006 | (805) 893-2809 |
  • UNIVERSITY (UC, Santa Barbara general education requirements): College of Engineering Office of Undergraduate Studies - Harold Frank Hall, Room 1006 | (805) 893-2809 |

Not sure where to go? Contact the ECE Student Affairs Office - Trailer 380, Rm 101 | (805) 893-8292 |

I want to take an ECE course but the prerequisites have changed - what should I do?

You will need to take the new prerequisites. Students are responsible for any updates or changes in prerequisites. Check with the ECE Student Affairs Office or the UCSB General Catalog regularly for updates and changes in curriculum.

I am having difficulties registering for a class even though I meet the prerequisites - what should I do?

For ECE courses, visit the ECE Student Affairs Office in Trailer 380, Room 101 or email

For other departments, contact the department undergraduate advisor

What's the current job outlook for computer engineers?

According to the "2017-18 PayScale College Salary Report - Highest Paying Bachelor Degrees by Salary Potential" is listed with an early career pay at $69,000 and mid-career at $118,000.

For additional information, the College of Engineering has an excellent Career Services web page that helps undergraduates and graduate students locate jobs and internships.

Are there internship and job opportunities available for computer engineering students?

Santa Barbara and the Goleta area are known as being a part of the technology corridor between Los Angeles and San Francisco. Many technology companies are located in our area and contact us seeking students who are interested in participating in internship and employment opportunities. The ECE Student Office regularly sends out Umail email notifications to students about these opportunities.

Students are also advised to initiate direct contact with companies and to discuss internship and employment interests with faculty members since many have their own research labs and also have contact with local industry.

UCSB Career Services has an official website for jobs, internships, and campus interviews called Handshake. In addition, Handshake serves as a gateway to subscription services that are free for UCSB students. Also, check out the College of Engineering's Internships & Career Services web page that has information about careers, internships (research and industry) and networking opportunities.

Annual Career Events occur throughout the year and are a great opportunity to see which companies are looking for interns. This is also an excellent chance to network for employment after graduation.

Who do I contact If I am interested in undergraduate research opportunities?

The College of Engineering's Undergraduate Research Opportunities web page has information such as How & When to Get Started, Research Programs and more.

Also, consult directly with ECE faculty members who a have similar interests so they can steer you in the right direction. Both faculty research interests and research areas are available on the ECE website under Areas of Research.

Can I participate in the University of California's study abroad program?

Yes - the UCSB Office of the Education Abroad Program (EAP) is dedicated to making the experience of such study available to as many qualified UCSB students as possible. EAP allows students to continue to progress toward their degrees while living and studying in some of the best academic institutions around the world.

For more information about EAP, contact the College of Engineering liaison, Frances Fouch -

Can I participate in the UCSB Technology Management program?

Yes - students can participate in UCSB Technology Management Program (TMP) and one TMP course may be used as a senior elective for the EE major.

The Technology Management Program's educational programs include classes in management, entrepreneurship, new product development, marketing, and much more taught by world-class scholars, highly successful business lecturers and entrepreneurs. The program's New Venture Competition has launched new ventures including several EE and CE senior year projects.