Photos for your Spotlight

You can take your photos with a tripod/timer or ask a family member or roommate or your dog/cat to help you - hah!  

Examples of Photos

Check out the spotlights photos on the Home pages of the both the ECE & CE websites and click on them to see another example of what the student sent me.


Two Types of Photos Needed

3 photos for each for "at work" and "portrait-like" for a total of 6

  • set up objects like computers, notes, notebooks, etc close to you
  • make sure the side/backgrounds are clutter-free
  • frame the photo with some space so I can crop as needed

1) "At Work" Photos

Some ideas include:

  • in your workspace or lab
  • watching a remote class
  • zooming with classmates/advisor
  • a zoom photo of you with the cool background that you made
  • or whatever you think might be interesting
  • feel free to include your co-workers but make sure that you are the focus of the photo

* Note: photos with a computer monitor in it - make sure to have something showing on the screen

2) "Portrait-Like" Photos

  • you in the center of frame
  • portrait photos of you standing that are either full-length or from the hips up (my plan is to crop at least one of these photos that will include your chest and above)
  • in some of the photos, it would be nice if you are holding your computer, a book or a project of some sort, etc.  Outside photos are the best.

* Note: see "Portrait-Like Cropped" at the bottom of this page


  • Amount of Photos: send quite a few portrait AND work photos so I have more to work with
  • Clothing & Background DO Matter:
    - colorful top (white, beige and blue are not very good)
    - a tidy up your work space or wherever you take the photos
    - accessories (backpacks, skateboards, etc are awesome!)
    - backgrounds are super important - a white wall or plain is not good. Make it interesting!
  • Presence: look towards camera; show confidence; relax... you get it ; )
  • Landscape Scale and Cropping:
    - almost all of the photos on the websites' main pages are in "landscape scale" 
    - take photo further away than closer - that way I have the ability to crop them as needed
  • Be Unique and Creative: if you notice, the examples of photos that have been sent to me in the past are all basically the same -- feel free to try take something different than e.g., you sitting at your desk

Some of my Recent Favorites 

Sent to me from students

"At Work" Examples

"Portrait-Like" Examples (all have been cropped by me)

  • Tinish (Outside w/ bike)
  • Mitra (Outside w/ book)
  • Sanaaya (Outside w/ flowers background)
  • Swetha (Outside w/ road and grass)
  • Mike (Outside w/ bike & surfboard overlooking beach)
  • Mihir (Outside w/ soccer ball and project on balcony with palm trees)
  • Shannon (Outside w/ book on porch overlooking San Francisco
  • Tegan (Outside CNSI courtyard w/ palm trees and bamboo)
  • Takako (Outside ESB w/ papers and wearing a hat)

"Portrait-Like" (further away crop)

A good example of a "further away" photo that was then cropped by ME

Originals before cropping by ME for image "ribbon" below:

photo tryptic