Photo Name Title Area Office Phone
Alferness Rod Alferness Dean of the College of Engineering/ Distinguished Professor and Richard A. Auhll Professorship (CoE) Electronics & Photonics HFH 1030 alferness@engineering.ucsb.edu 805/893-3141
Alizadeh Mahnoosh Alizadeh Assistant Professor Communications & Signal Processing / Control Systems HFH 3151 alizadeh@ece 805/893-3981
Banerjee Kaustav Banerjee Professor Computer Engineering/ Electronics & Photonics HFH 4151 kaustav@ece 805/893-3337
Ben-Yaacov Ilan Ben-Yaacov Lecturer, LSOE Electrical Engineering HFH 5111 ilan@ece 805/893-5295
Blumenthal Daniel Blumenthal Professor Electronics & Photonics ESB 2221F danb@ece 805/893-4168
Bowers John Bowers Distinguished Professor/Kavli Chair in Nanotechnology (ECE) Electronics & Photonics ESB 2221C bowers@ece 805/893-8447
Brewer Forrest Brewer Professor Computer Engineering HFH 4159 forrest@ece 805/729-1410
Buckwalter James Buckwalter Professor Electronics & Photonics ESB 2205C buckwalter@ece 805/893-5639
Byl Katie Byl Associate Professor Control Systems HFH 5115 katiebyl@ece 805/893-4924
Chandrasekaran Shiv Chandrasekaran Professor Control Systems HFH 3109 shiv@ece 805/893-7542
Dagli Nadir Dagli


Electronics & Photonics ESB 2231E dagli@ece 805/893-4847
Denbaars Steven Denbaars Distinguished Professor/ Mitsubishi Chemical Corp. Chair in Solid State Lighting and Display (Materials) Electronics & Photonics ENGR II 3514 denbaars@engineering 805/893-8511
Gibson Jerry Gibson Distinguished Professor Communications & Signal Processing HFH 3163 gibson@ece 805/893-6187
Hespanha João Hespanha Professor Control Systems HFH 5157 hespanha@ece 805/893-7042
Isukapalli Yogananda Isukapalli Lecturer, PSOE Computer Engineering HFH 4113 yoga@ece 805/893-7277
Klamkin Jonathan Klamkin Associate Professor Electronics & Photonics ESB 3205D klamkin@ece 805/893-7163
Lee Hua Lee Distinguished Professor Communications & Signal Processing HFH 3121 hualee@ece 805/893-4480
Madhow Upamanyu Madhow Distinguished Professor Communications & Signal Processing HFH 3111 madhow@ece 805/893-5210
Manjunath B.S. Manjunath Distinguished Professor Communications & Signal Processing HFH 3157 manj@ece 805/893-7112
Marden Jason Marden Associate Professor Control Systems HFH 5161 jrmarden@ece 805/893-2299
Mishra Umesh Mishra Distinguished Professor/ Donald E. Whittier Chair in ECE Electronics & Photonics ESB 2215C mishra@ece 805/893-3586
Mostofi Yasamin Mostofi Professor Communications & Signal Processing / Control Systems HFH 5121 ymostofi@ece 805/893-4251
Palmstrom Christopher Palmstrøm Distinguished Professor Electronics & Photonics ENGR II 2508 cpalmstrom@ece 805/893-3618
Pedarsani Ramtin Pedarsani Assistant Professor Communications & Signal Processing HFH 3159 ramtin@ece 805/893-4166
Parhami Behrooz Parhami Professor Computer Engineering HFH 5155 parhami@ece 805/893-3211
Rodwell Mark Rodwell Distinguished Professor/ Doluca Family Chair in ECE Electronics & Photonics ESB 2205F rodwell@ece 805/893-3244
Rose Kenneth Rose Professor Communications & Signal Processing HFH 3153 rose@ece 805/893-7024
Schow Clint Schow Professor/ Vice Chair Electronics & Photonics ESB 3205C schow@ece 805/893-2875
schuller Jon Schuller Assistant Professor Electronics & Photonics ESB 3221C jonschuller@ece 805/893-4295
Sen Pradeep Sen Associate Professor Communications & Signal Processing HFH 5117 psen@ece 805/893-4265
Strukov Dmitri Strukov Professor Computer Engineering HFH 5153 strukov@ece 805/893-2971
Teel Andrew Teel Distinguished Professor Control Systems HFH 5119A teel@ece 805/893-3616
Theogarajan Luke Theogarajan Professor/Vice Chair Computer Engineering BioE Bldg 3010 ltheogar@ece 805/893-3985
Visell Yon Visell Assistant Professor Communications & Signal Processing Elings Hall 2213


Wang Li-C Wang Professor Computer Engineering HFH 3161 licwang@ece 805/893-5916
Xie Yuan Xie Professor Computer Engineering HFH 5159 yuanxie@ece 805/893-5563
York Robert York Professor Electronics & Photonics ESB 2215F rayork@ece 805/895-2562
Zhang Zheng Zhang Assistant Professor Computer Engineering HFH 4109 zhengzhang@ece 805/893-7294
Emeriti and Adjunct Faculty
Name Title Office Phone
Auston, Dave Adjunct Professor Phelps 2319 auston@ece 805/893-3376
Butner, Steven Professor Emeritus   butner@ece  
Candy, James Adjunct Professor   jcandy@ece 805/893-3402
Cheng, Kwang-Ting (Tim) Professor Emeritus timcheng@ece
Coldren, Larry Research Prof. & Prof. Emeritus ESB 3205F coldren@ece 805/893-4486
Gossard, Arthur Research Prof. & Prof. Emeritus ENGR II 1231A gossard@engineering 805/893-2686
Iltis, Ron Professor Emeritus iltis@ece 805/893-4166
Jayant, Nikil Adjunct Professor HFH 3159 jayant@ece  
Kokotovic, Petar Prof. Emeritus HFH 3112 petar@ece 805/893-7011
Kroemer, Herbert Professor Emeritus ESB 2205A 805/893-3078
Liebling, Michael Adjunct Professor liebling@ece
Long, Stephen Professor Emeritus   long@ece  
Marek-Sadowska, Margaret Professor Emeritus HFH 4111 mms@ece 805/893-2721
Melliar-Smith, Michael Professor Emeritus HFH 5151 pmms@ece 805/448-8250
Mitra, Sanjit Professor Emeritus HFH 3107 mitra@ece 805/893-3957
Moser, Louise Professor Emeritus HFH 5151 moser@ece 805/448-8249
Petroff, Pierre Research Prof. & Prof. Emeritus ENGR II, Rm 3522 petroff@engineering 805/893-8256
Rabiner, Larry Professor Emeritus rabiner@ece
Saleh, Adel Adjunct Professor Phelps 2327 adelsaleh@ece 805/893-2374
Shynk, John Professor Emeritus HFH 3123 shynk@ece 805/893-2971
Yeh, Pochi Professor Emeritus pochi@ece

Additional Emeriti Faculty

  • Fontana, Jorge
  • Gersho, Allen
  • Heidbreder, Glenn
  • Horvath, Steven
  • Matthaei, George
  • Merz, James
  • Narayanamurti, Venkatesh
  • Ordung, Philip
  • Rhodes, Ian
  • Skalnik, John
  • Wade, Glen
  • Wood, Roger

Affiliated Faculty