"2014 Senior Capstone Project Presentation Day – ECE 188, ECE 189 & CS 189"

ECE 188, ECE 189 & CS 189 Capstone, ECE and CS Departments

June 5th (Thursday), 10:00am
Engineering Science Building (ESB) — Rms 1001 & 2001 and Courtyard

photo of ece 189 projects

10:00-12:00 Engineering Science Bldg (ESB), Rm 1001

MORNING SESSION — 10:00a-12:00p
• 10:00am — Opening Remarks
• 10:15am — AutoPonix: an automated water quality monitor and adjustment system for the maintenance of an aquaponics system
Team: Greg Swanson (leader), Ludim Castillo, Ryan Born, Manuel Perez, Alex King
• 10:45am — Fridgenius: allows users to keep track of the food in their refrigerator and suggests recipes
Team: Jonathan Calderon (leader), Brandon Ray, Jayme Lee, Kyle Ingram
• 11:15 — ReMutt Control: a remote pet feeding system operated through a simple Android application
Team: Steven Guan (leader), Eric Brunnett, Daniel Kwak, Joon Hee Lee, Alex Chepilev

photo of ece 188 projects
10:00-2:30 Engineering Science Bldg (ESB) Courtyard

MORNING SESSION — 10:00a-12:00p
• 10:00 — CuraMat: Pressure Detection for a Medical Environment
Team – Sven Knauth, David Kuharski, Elliot Lanphar, Scott Myers
• 10:25 — Viztic: Photoacoustic Phased Array
Team – Carl Felton, Daeseong Kim, Andrew Williams
• 10:55 — EDISCO: Test Data Visualization and Analysis Tool
Team – Matthew Nero & Jay Shan
• 11:20 — DLG Mazer: The Next Generation Party Game
Team – Timothy Fong, John Hausle, Shujian (Gilbert) Li
• 1:00 — IR Scout: Scouting Hazardous Environments Thermal Imaging
Team – Josh Kay, Azim Muqtadir, Ryan Stevenson
• 1:25 — NoctIR: Infrared Night Vision For Your Car, On Your Phone
Team- Robert Abbott, Westley Anastasio, Patrick Zhao
• 1:55 — Hexray: Portable Subsurface Microwave Imaging
Team – Weston Alameida, Dominic Peralta, Sean Smith

photo of cs 189 projects

10:00-3:00 Engineering Sci. Bldg (ESB), Rm 2001 & 1001

MORNING SESSION — 10:00-12:00p in ESB 2001
• 10:00am — Let My People Code: smartphone-controlled robots w/ interesting demos, such as indoor positioning, autonomous movement, and control over the internet
Team: Adam Ehrlich (lead), Daniel Imberman, Moshe Carmeli, Chris Nelson, Alex Sarraf
• 10:30am — Team Vibrant: a platform for leasers to post their property and for renters to find their ideal home
Team: Site Mao (lead), Jason Horsley, Trae Washburn, Alvin Tan, Austin Alameda
• 11:00am — Warp 5: a tool that allows anyone who has a Magento web store to quickly create a functional, beautiful mobile store and customize it without coding
Team: Andres Riofrio (lead), Marco Sedano, Nick Marks, Daniel Retta, David Carlson
• 11:30am — NP-Complete: a platform to enable users to broadcast video peer-to-peer, using minimal centralized server resources, and only their web browser
Team: Daniel Vicory (lead), Nicole Theokari, Omar Masri, Jerry Medina, Justin Liang

AFTERNOON SESSION — 1:00-3:00p in ESB 1001
• 1:00pm — The Capstoners: a recruiting SaaS application used to simultaneously manage multiple applicants as they progress through stages of an OnBoarding process.
Team: Liam Yafuso (lead), Robert Waite, Daniel Tea, Jacqueline Avis, Diane Cordero
• 1:30pm — Ringbase: a real-time ad-hoc call center for smaller companies
Team: Pete Cruz (lead), Andrew Berls, Nivedh Mudaliar, Shervin Shaikh, Alex Wood
• 2:00pm — String Cheese: a UAV capable of surveying a farmer’s field that detects environmental hazards in order to fix them before they harm the crop or the environment
Team: Alexander Huitric (lead), EJ Fernandes, Drew Hascall, Jasen Worden
• 2:30pm — The Garbage Collectors: a web and mobile application that is designed to simplify the input of sales leads during a conference
Team: Andrew Lee (lead), Tim Chanpuelksda, Ernesto Cojulun, Justin Phang, Brandon Newman

About ECE 188, ECE 189 & CS 189 Capstone:

During their senior year students take the ECE 188, ECE & CS 189 two quarter Senior "Capstone" Project. Every year at the end of the Spring quarter the final projects are presented at a full-day, industry-sponsored event where student groups publicly present their projects and participate in an outdoor lunchtime project demonstration and poster event.

Thanks to Citrix (Pizza & Cake) and Qualcomm (Posters) for their generous support of the Capstone Day

Hosted by: The CE Program and ECE & CS Departments