"Resonant Supply Noise Canceller utilizing Parasitic Capacitance of Sleep Blocks"

Jinmyouong Kim, University of Tokyo

July 21st (Wednesday), 3:00pm
ESB 2003

"LU Factorizations in the Limit of Infinitesimal Rids"

Naveen Somasunderam, UCSB ECE Ph.D. Defense

July 4th (Sunday), 9:00pm
Building 406, Room 216

"Networked-Nanographite Wire Grown on SiO2 Dielectric without Catalysts using Metal-Photoemission-assisted Plasma-enhanced CVD"

Motonobu Sato, Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd

June 10th (Thursday), 11:30am
ESB 2003

"Application of Nocrystals Embedded in High-k Gate Dielectric to Improve Programming Speed and Retention Period"

Akeed A Pavel, University of Missouri-Columbia

June 9th (Wednesday), 12:00pm
HFH 4164

"Measuring and Controlling Single Molecule Dynamics with a Nanopore"

William Dunbar, UC Santa Cruz

June 4th (Friday), 3:00pm
Webb 1100

"Senior Capstone Project Presentation Day and Noon Poster / Pizza Session"

ECE 188, ECE 189 and CS 189 Students, UCSB

June 3rd (Thursday), 9:00am
ESB 1001 & Courtyard

"Computational Geometry for Fun and Work"

Subhash Suri, UCSB

May 28th (Friday), 3:00pm
Webb 1100

"Recursive Reconstruction of Sparse Signal Sequences"

Namrata Vaswani, Iowa State University

May 27th (Thursday), 2:00pm
HFH 4164

"A Widely Tunable Laser Based on Multiple Etched Slots"

John F Donegan, CRANN Nanoscience Institute, Trinity College Dublin

May 24th (Monday), 2:00pm
ESB 2001

"Measures of Unobservability"

Art Krener, UC Davis

May 21st (Friday), 3:00pm
Webb 1100