"Fabrication Process, Performance and Reliability of 0.4 um gate AlGaN/AlN/GaN HEMT on 4” SI-SiC substrate"

Sangmin Lee, CTO, GaN HEMT HPA, Wavice, Korea

July 22nd (Monday), 3:00pm
Engineering Science Building (ESB), Room 2001

"Restricting Randomness in Compressive Sampling for mmWave Link Configuration Robust to CFO"

Nitin Jonathan Myers , PhD student, Dept. of Electrical and Computer Engineering, The UT Austin

June 10th (Monday), 10:00am
Harold Frank Hall (HFH), Room 4164

"Electrical Engineering: ECE 188 Capstone Project Events"

Electrical Engineering Seniors, ECE 188

June 7th (Friday), 1:30pm

• 1:30-4:00p – Poster and Demo Session: Campbell Hall Courtyard
• 4:00-5:00p – Engineering Design Showcase: Campbell Hall

PhD Defense: "Zarf: A New, Functional Architecture for Binary-Level Static Analysis and Program Safety"

Joseph McMahan

June 7th (Friday), 1:00pm
Phelps Hall, Room 1431

"Computer Engineering: ECE 189 Capstone Project Events"

Computer Engineering Seniors, ECE 189

June 7th (Friday), 9:00am

• 9:00a-12:00p – Project Presentations: Engineering Science Building (ESB), Room 1001
• 1:30-3:00p – Poster and Demo Session: Campbell Hall Courtyard

PhD Defense: "GaAs/AlGaAs based Intensity and Phase Modulators @ 1.55 μm directly grown on Silicon Substrates"

Prashanth Bhasker

May 30th (Thursday), 2:00pm
Engineering Science Building (ESB), Room 2001

"Nanoscale CMOS Implications on Analog/Mixed-Signal Design"

Alvin Loke, Director, TSMC San Diego

May 23rd (Thursday), 3:00pm
Engineering Science Building (ESB), Room 2001

"Experience and Learnings from a 25-Year Career in Tech"

Henry (Hui) Li, Senior Director, LinkedIN

May 20th (Monday), 11:30am
Harold Frank Hall, Room 1132 (ECE Conf. Rm.)

"Reconfigurable Computing, Machine Learning, Hardware Security and Their Confluence in the IoT Era"

Deming Chen, Professor, ECE, University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign

May 17th (Friday), 10:00am
Harold Frank Hall (HFH), Rm 4164 (ECE Conf. Rm.)

"Epsilon (and mu) Near Zero Materials – Photonics on Steroids?"

Jacob B. Khurgin, Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Johns Hopkins University

May 15th (Wednesday), 1:00pm
Engineering Science Building (ESB), Rm 1001 (ECE Conf. Rm.)