"Energy-Efficient Computing: The Role of Parallelism"

Margaret Martonosi, Professor, Computer Science, Princeton University

May 18th (Wednesday), 1:00pm
Harold Frank Hall (HFH), Rm 1132 - Computer Science Conference Room

PhD Defense: "Development of Ultra-Low Resistance Ohmic Contacts for InGaAs/InP HBTs"

Ashish Baraskar

May 13th (Friday), 1:00pm
Engineering Science Building (ESB), Rm 1001

PhD Defense: "Knowledge Discovery in Test: Methods, Models, and Applications"

Dragoljub (Gagi) Drmanac

May 9th (Monday), 12:00pm
Harold Frank Hall (HFH), Rm 4164

PhD Defense: "Yield, Cost, Reliability, and Availability of Multi-Core System-on-Chips"

Saeed Shamshiri

May 6th (Friday), 4:00pm
Harold Frank Hall (HFH), Rm 4164

"Controlling Neurons"

Jeff Moehlis, Vice Chair, Department of Mechanical Engineering, UCSB

May 6th (Friday), 3:00pm
Webb Hall 1100

"GoldMine: Automatic assertion generation and achieving test coverage closure"

Shobha Vasudevan, Assistant Professor, ECE, UIUC

May 5th (Thursday), 11:00am
ECE Conference Room (HFH 4164)

"Coordinated Oscillations in Biological Systems"

Ted Iwasaki, Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, UCLA

April 29th (Friday), 3:00pm
Webb Hall 1100

"Doluca Family Endowed Chair Lecture: ‘Transistors and Integrated Circuits, from DC to the (far) Infrared,’ given by Doluca Chair and ECE Prof. Mark Rodwell"

Mark Rodwell, Doluca Family Endowed Chair and ECE Professor

April 29th (Friday), 3:00pm
Marine Science Building Auditorium

"Moneta: A Fast Storage Array Architecture for Next-Generation Non-Volatile Memories"

Steven Swanson, Assistant Professor, CSE, University of California, San Diego

April 27th (Wednesday), 11:00am
Harold Frank Hall (HFH), Rm 1132 (CS Conference Room)

"Control Policies for Dynamical Queues and Flow Networks"

Ketan Savla, Research Scientist, Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems, MIT

April 25th (Monday), 1:30pm
Engineering Science Building (ESB), Rm 2001

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