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GPR 2004 Proposal Information

Proposals are solicited to host the 10th International Conference on Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) in the year 2004. The GPR conferences are a biennial series of international scientific symposia devoted to the advancement of ground penetrating radar. Written proposals must include the following information:

General Venue
History, background and tourist information of your proposed location
Proposed date of meeting and conflict with other scientific meetings
Registration cost in US dollars
Approximate accommodation and airfare costs in US dollars
Sponsorship with sufficient technical and financial resources to operate
such a conference
Proposed conference program
Details on publication of proceedings

The International GPR Conferences are operated on a non-profit basis. Financial backing in case of revenue shortfalls and a mechanism of disposing a surplus must be addressed in all proposals.

All proposals will be evaluated based upon the above criteria. The international advisory committee consisting of the chairperson, or their designated representative, from all previous GPR conferences will make the selection and announcement during GPR 2002. All submissions must nominate an attendee to GPR 2002 who can give an oral presentation and respond to the selection committee's questions. Proposals should be submitted to the GPR 2002 General Chair, and preferably prior to the conference.