Ludovico Megalini attained the Ph.D. degree in Materials from UCSB for his work on MOCVD growth, processing, and characterization of III-Nitride blue laser diodes. Previously he received a M.Sc. degree in ECE from UCSB for which he had been awarded a Fulbright Scholarship. He also holds a M.Sc. in Nanotechnology for ICT jointly awarded by PoliTO (IT), INPG (FR), and EPFL (CH), and had carried out the M.Sc. thesis project at MIT (USA). His past work experiences include positions as a business analyst at Accenture and as Senior Process Engineer at Crossbar-inc. His research interests are mainly focused on optoelectronics and nanotechnology, including the design, heteroeptiaxy growth, and fabrication of monolithically integrated lasers on silicon photonics.