Mentor Graphics provides a set of tools for system level design and verification, PCB design and analysis, ic design and verification, and embeded software. Mentor Graphics tools are available on the Linux and Windows workstations in ECE and the Engineering labs.

Download information

Mentor tools are installed on the ECE and Engineering lab Windows and Linux workstations. On the Linux workstations, the tools are available under /ece/mentor. If you do not find the Mentor tool that you are looking for or would like to find out if a specific tool is available for download and installation on your workstation, then please contact

Modelsim information

Modelsim is installed in /ece/mentor/modeltech on the Linux workstation in ECE and the Engineering labs. After setting up your environment and license information correctly, you can run Modelsim by typing the command:

% vsim

License information

Click here for license information.


Documentation can be found online or in the "docs" folder for the individual tool, i.e., /ece/mentor/modeltech/docs. Information regarding available Mentor bundled software and tools can be found in the 2008-2009 Higer Education Program brochure here