ECE undergraduate & graduate students and postdoctoral researcher on finalist teams in the UCSB Technology Management Program’s New Venture Competition (NVC)

May 8th, 2014

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ECE’s Eric Goodman (Echo), Jared Hulme (Fluency Lighting Technologies) and Andrew Irish & Jason Isaacs (Shadowmaps) in TMP NVC finals.

ShadowMaps: Andrew Irish (ECE), Jason Isaacs (ECE) and Dayton Horvath (Chemistry)
Shadowmaps has developed a business-to-business cloud-based software as a service solution that supplements GPS in urban environments. Our patented algorithms and custom 3D maps have already been field tested, showing a 10x reduction of GPS error to 10 feet.

  • Dr. Jason Isaacs is currently a postdoctoral researcher in the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at the University of California, Santa Barbara under the supervision of Professor João Hespanha
  • Andrew Irish is currently a Ph.D. candidate in Control, Communication and Signal Processing in Professor U. Madhow’s Wireless Communication and Sensornets Laboratory

Fluency Lighting Technologies: Jared Hulme (ECE), Kristin Denault (Materials) and Daniel Moncayo (Economics)
Our startup is based on a technology developed at UCSB that employs a new approach to general illumination. We use an alternative light source to generate white light – a laser diode. Energy efficient and environmentally benign like LEDs, laser diodes can expand the future applications of lighting, offering flexible design strategies, efficient high power light sources, and low cost maintenance.

  • Jared Hulme is currently a Masters/PhD in Electronics & Photonics in Professor John Bowers’ Optoelectronics Research Group

Echo: Eric Goodman (ECE), Brian Morton, Chase Racich (Economics & Business)
Echo is a smartphone and web application that allows customers to order and pay within a restaurant over Bluetooth. Currently, restaurants are technologically underserved. With modern technology customers expect to have the ability to view menus, order, and pay with the touch of a finger. We plan to become a middle-man in the restaurant to consumer interaction by introducing new methods of ordering food.

  • Eric Goodman is an M.S. student in Electrical & Computer Engineering with an emphasis in Computer Engineering

About the Technology Management Program’s New Venture Competition (NVC):
Now in its 15th year, the UCSB New Venture Competition is an opportunity for any UCSB student to learn how to start a business. Competition events take place throughout the school year. In the Fall Quarter, students brainstorm business ideas, form teams and learn how to formulate and recognize a compelling value proposition. In the Winter Quarter, students can take a course that gives them a learning experience similar to that of a business incubator. The year’s activity culminates in two Spring Quarter events. At the New Venture Fair, student teams present their businesses to visitor from the business community in a trade show-style format. A month later, finalist teams present their investor pitches at the New Venture Finals in Corwin Pavilion. All teams in the finals receive cash prizes.

Student teams are guided by mentors from the Central Coast business community, many of whom are successful entrepreneurs and buiness executives themselves. The NVC is funded by its sponsors, who contribute cash prizes and cover the cost of the competition.

TMP New Venture Competition (NVC) Finals

Date: Thursday, May 22, 2014 – 3:00pm
Availability: Open to the Public
Location: Corwin Pavilion

UC Santa Barbara’s Technology Management Program invites you to join them at their 2014 New Venture Competition Finals on Thursday, May 22nd, 2013 from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM in Corwin Pavilion at the UC Santa Barbara campus.Come celebrate and support new venture creation while listening to some of UC Santa Barbara’s most outstanding young entrepreneurs present their ideas and innovations, and meet others in our community who share a passion for business and technology.

TMP New Venture Competition Finals 2014

TMP NVC 2014 Finalists Announced