ECE Professor Yuan Xie receives the 10-Year Retrospective Most Influential Paper Award at ASP-DAC 2019

February 8th, 2019

photo of yuan xie with the award
Professor Yuan Xie and his former student Xiangyu Dong receive the award at the 2019 Asia and South-Pacific Design Automation Conference (ASP-DAC’19)

The award was given in Tokyo, Japan on Jan. 22, 2019 for the paper titled “System-level cost analysis and design exploration for three-dimensional integrated circuits (3D ICs)” published in ASP-DAC in 2009. The original paper was also recognized as the Best Paper Candidate in ASP-DAC 2009.

Professor Xie is recognized as the world-class researcher in the areas of electronic design automation (EDA), computer architecture, VLSI design, and embedded systems. His most distinctive contributions lie in the revolutionary advances of design automation and architecture for three-dimensional integrated circuits (3D ICs), which offer new opportunities for system-level innovations that are not hinged only on technology scaling. He was elevated to IEEE Fellow (class of 2015) for contributions to design automation and architecture of three-dimensional integrated circuits.

Xie received BS degree and Ph.D. degree from Tsinghua University and Princeton University, respectively. He has worked for IBM and AMD, and was with Pennsylvania State University before joining UCSB in Fall 2014. He has published more than 200 scholarly articles in top journal and conference venues, and has received several Best Paper Awards (HPCA, ICCAD, ASPDAC, ISLPED, ISVLSI, GLSVLSI) and several Best Paper Nominations (MICRO, DATE, ASPDAC).

ASP-DAC 2019 is the 24th annual international conference on VLSI design automation in Asia and South Pacific region, one of the most active regions of design and fabrication of silicon chips in the world. The conference aims at providing the Asian and South Pacific CAD/DA and Design community with opportunities of presenting recent advances and with forums for future directions in technologies related to Electronic Design Automation (EDA). ASP-DAC intends to cultivate and promote interactions and presentations of novel ideas among EDA researchers/developers and system/circuit/device-level designers.

2019 Asia and South-Pacific Design Automation Conference (ASP-DAC’19)

ASP-DAC 2019 – 10-Year MIP

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