Resources for Faculty, Staff, Graduate Students, and Visitors & Researchers

Areas of Service & Support

Central Administrative Office

Contact Info, Forms, Supply Orders (office supplies, toner cartridges, business cards), Admin Support (FedEx pick-up/ drop-off, scanning/photocopying, mailboxes), Entertainment & Reimbursement Processing, Purchase Orders, and Travel Processing

Budget Office

Contact Info by Area, Office Locations, Administrators, Purchasing (Gateway - online procurement, POs, forms, resources), more to come!

Computer and Network Support

Contact Info, FAQs (general, network, accounts, email), Software & Documentation, Network Connection Requests, New Computer Account Requests & Policy

Instructional Resources

Contact Info, Quick Links & Forms, Calendars & Deadlines, Final Examination Schedules, Current Course Listings, Course Web Pages (GauchoSpace), Schedule of Classes (Class Search), Egrades, Desk Copy / Textbook Request Form, Make-up Room Request Form, Course Scheduling Requirements Form, TA Office Hours Submission

Electronics Shop

Contact Info, Hours, Component Sales, Package Receiving & Drop-off (mailing address), Equipment Inventory & Repair, Lost and Found, Security, and Keys, Safety & Training

Emergency & Safety

UCSB Emergency Telephone Numbers, ECE Department Emergency Contacts, ECE Emergency Evacuation Plan, and Additional Emergency Information (alert notification sign-up, department safety checklist, environmental health & safety, crisis hotline, safety escorts, injury reduction program)


Department Reservation Policies - ECE Conference Rooms (Harold Frank Hall, Room 4164 & Building 406, Room 216), laptop & projector, and Engineering Science Building (ESB) Reservation System

Event and Seminar Announcement Submissions

Requests to Add Seminars & Events to the ECE Website Home and Events Pages and Flyer Announcements