Travel Processing

Prior to Travel - prepared by traveler

Refer to UC Policy BFB-G-28 on Travel Regulations to review what is reimburseable. When in question, contact the Central Administrative Office.

Post Travel Forms & Information - prepared by traveler for reimbursement

Within a reasonable amount of time not to exceed 45 days after the end of the trip, the traveler should fill out the applicable worksheet (domestic | foreign) and Travel Approval/Advance Form and sign. The traveler should then submit the worksheet(s) and original receipts to the Travel Expense Voucher (TEV) preparer.

Policy, Worksheets and Receipts

To ensure full reimbursement for travel, it is important that travelers understand UCSB Travel Policy . All travelers are required to fill out a travel worksheet and submit certain receipts for reimbursement. When in doubt, it is best to submit all receipts.

NOTE: The following visa types are not eligible to receive any travel payments for expenses incurred in the United States: F-2, H-4, O-3, and P-4.

Travel Expense Voucher (TEV) - prepared by administrative assistant

Once the administrative staff has received the travel worksheet and original receipts from the traveler, the reimbursement can be processed on the UCSB online Travel Expense Voucher.

Additional forms and information can be found on the UCSB Business & Financial Services website under Travel Accounting