Winter 2011

ECE Department
University of California
Santa Barbara


Classroom has been moved to ESB 1003


Introduction, Course Syllabus and Outcomes

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Lecture Notes

--------------Part 1. Receiver Systems--------------

Distortion and noise in receiver systems

Design of low noise amplifiers

Introduction to receivers

--------------Part 2. Mixer Design and Characterization--------------

Mixer Notes 1

Mixer Notes 2: quadrature and image reject mixing

An excellent reference on quadrature mixing by Richard Lyons

Reference on Polyphase Filter Design

--------------Part 3. Oscillator Design--------------

resonators and Q

Oscillator Notes 1:Colpitts

Oscillator Notes 2

ADS simulation of oscillators

Reference on Oscillator Phase Noise

Some Low Phase Noise Oscillator Designs

Tapped L oscillator example

--------------Part 4. Frequency Compensation of Feedback Amplifiers--------------

Feedback Notes: frequency response, stability and compensation

--------------Part 5. Phase Locked Loops and Frequency Synthesis Apps--------------

Phase Locked Loop Notes 1: Introduction to the PLL: frequency synthesizer applications

Phase Locked Loop Notes 2: Frequency Synthesizer- third order PFD charge pump PLL

Vaucher, Adaptive PLL Tuning System Architecture: Reference on third-order CP PLL design

Slides on direct digital frequency synthesis

direct digital frequency synthesis from Analog Devices

Slides from MIT on Fractional-N frequency synthesis

Clock and Data Recovery Lecture Notes

-------------- Part 6. Power Amplifier Notes --------------

Power Amplifier Notes 1

Power Amplifier Notes 2

Power Amplifier Notes 3

Power Amplifier Reference - Steve Cripps RF Power Amplifiers for Wireless Communications, Artech, 1999


Homework Assignment Links

Homework assignment #1 (Due 1/14/2011)

Homework assignment #2 (Due 1/28/2011)

Homework assignment #3 (Due 2/4/2011)

Homework assignment #4 (Due 2/25/2011)

Homework assignment #5 (Due 3/7/2011)


Lab Assignments

ECE145B and ECE218B Lab 1

Lab 1: Amplifier and Mixer Evaluation - Report due 1/24/11

Power combiner data sheet

Mixer data sheet

LNA data sheet


VCO Design Project - checkout 2/16 and 2/17. Report Due 2/18/11

ECE145B Design Lab #2

ECE218B Design Lab #2


Frequency Synthesizer Design Project Lab #3 - Checkout 3/10 and 3/11. Report Due 3/14

ECE145B/ECE218B Design Lab #3



Tutorials and extra material

Extracting data from network analyzer into ADS

Tutorial on the spectrum analyzer


Harmonic Balance Tutorial

Noise figure Tutorial

How to use the ADS mixer design guide

How to create subnetworks in ADS

Equivalent circuit models for Coilcraft chip inductors

Using Matlab to simulate feedback system stability

Sampling as a frequency translation technique

ADS Simulation Files

The following are Agilent ADS archive (.zap) files. You can download them into your user directory and unarchive them using ADS.

ADS Tutorial on Stability and Gain Circles

ADS Noise Figure Design and Display Files

ADS Harmonic Balance tutorial for small signal amplifiers

ADS mixer simulation examples

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