Fall 2010
ECE 178: Introduction to Digital Image Processing


Final project reports due on Friday, Dec 3, 2010 before 5PM. There will be no exceptions and reports turned in after 5pm will not be graded.

Instructions for preparing the report will be discussed in class.

Previous years final exams: 2009 (solution) 2008 (solution)

Project related information:

Nov 14, 2010. Instructions on seam carving (hiding groups) and JPEG ghosts (detection). Datasets: seam carving, JpegGhosts.

Nov 9, 2010. There are some typos in the document containing the image details for the Detecting Group. In Original Images: '00158' is supposed to be '00188'; In Cover Images: '00036' is supposed to be '00019'. You should access the new, updated imageinformation file again.

Nov 5, 2010. Updated instructions. (a) Hiding, (b) Detection, (c) imageinformation (for detection, download the hidden image dataset (tar file), (d) images for hiding (tar)

Discussion session materials are available on the web here.


B. S. Manjunath,(manj at ece.ucsb.edu) Rm 3157, Engineering I.
Tel: 805.893.7112.

Lectures: Tuesday, Thursday, 8AM - 9:15AM, PHELPS 1508

Office Hours
Wednesday 4-5PM or by appointment (please email)

Teaching Assistant

Carter De Leo, (cdeleo at ece.ucsb.edu)
Lakshman Natarajan

TA Office Hours:

M 9:00 – 10:00 AM (TA, Phelps 1435)
W 10 - 11 AM (TA, Phelps 1435)
R 4:30 – 5:30 PM (TA, ECI LAB)
F 2-3 PM (Lakshman/ project)

Discussion Sessions: 

Friday (12 - 1250PM, 1-150PM), Trailer 387, RM 101.



About the course: ECE 178 is an introductory course in image processing. In this course, you will learn about digital images and how you can manipulate them.  Open to students in Engineering. You should have good background in basic calculus. You are expected to learn and use MATLAB and the Image Processing Toolbox for your programming assignments. No prior knowledge of MATLAB is required. 


Resources on the web

Check out the book web site, http://www.imageprocessingplace.com. The companion book's (DIP using MATLAB) web site also lists links to useful MATLAB tutorials. See http://www.imageprocessingplace.com/DIPUM/dipum_students/students.htm. In particular, work out the "projects" listed on the web site, they are helpful in getting you started on MATALB.

The following material supplement class lectures and are not substitutes for attending the lectures and discussion sessions. You are responsible for attending the lectures regularly and taking good notes. Note that "black board" notes/discussions are not necessarily included in the power point slides.

Date Online materials notes
Sep 23, 2010

Course outline

Slides L1, HW #1 (due Friday, Oct 1)

Read Chapters 1 & 2
Sep 28, 2010 Slides L2 Chapter 2
Sep 30. 2010

HW #2 (programming assignment on image halftoning and dithering). Due Oct 8.

Slides L3 (intro to image enhancement.)

Discussion on the course project, topics and teaming arrangements.

Enhancement: Ref. Chapter 3 G&W.

Oct 5 - Oct 7

Discussion on Histogram modifications. See Slides L4 (histogram equalization) and Slides L5 (local enhancement).

HW #3 + HW#3 (MATLAB). You will need LENA.GIF and DARKLENA.GIF also for the matlab assignment.

Oct 12-14

Spatial Filtering/enhancement Slides L6.

Course project discussion (15 mins, Lakshman will present. See Slides P1)

2D Fourier Transform Slides L7

HW #4 (Due October 22). You will need the cameraman and robot pictures.

Oct 19-21

2D Fourier Transform discussion (contd.)

A quick review of LSI systems Slides L8

Project review: Slides P2, Hide & Seek Reference Paper

HW #5 (due Oct 29)

Oct 26-28

Frequency domain processing Slides L9

Project draft notes (on data hiding). We will discuss in class this week (most likely on Thursday). Please go over these and be ready for discussions/questions.

Notes on Hiding, Notes on Detection (note: these are no longer current. Please check top of this web page for all future project related announcements.)

Read chapter 4 from G&W (selected sections)


Nov 2 Midterm examination. Closed book/notes. You do not need calculators.  
Nov 4

Image sampling and aliasing Slides L10

Note: Retake of Midterm. Due tomorrow during discussion session if you choose to do so.

Nov 9

Image Compression Slides L11

(Nov 11 Holiday, no class)
Nov 12: Discussion session: see project notes above. Discussion on seam carving and JPEG ghosts detection.

Nov15-17 Image Compression (contd.). Conclude Huffman coding. Transform and JPEG coding. Slides L12



Nov 22 Image compression with wavelets Slides L13  
Nov 30 Image comression:: final set (predictive coding) Slides L14  

HW Solutions:

HW1, HW3, HW4, HW5

Midterms (not posted. discussed in class/discussion sesssion)