Zheng Zhang's Homepage

Assistant Professor [IEEE-Style Short Biography, Full CV (PDF)]
Deptatment of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)
Deptartment of Computer Science (joint appointment), UCSB

Department of Mathematics, (joint appointment, effective in 07/2019), UCSB
Ph.D, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
M.Phil, The University of Hong Kong
B. Eng, Huazhong University of Science & Technology
Email: zhengzhang [AT] ece [dot] ucsb [dot] edu Phone: 805-893-7294
Address: 4109 Harold Frank Hall, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA 93106


Our group investigates uncertainty-aware and data-driven modeling, verification and optimization techniques for multi-domain applications. Currently we focus on the following two correlated areas:

  • Uncertainty quantification, with applications to design automation of nano-scale IC/photonics, robotics and autonomous systems;

  • Tensor computation, with applications to high-volume data analytics, machine learning and its hardware/algorithm co-design, medical image analysis.


  • [Paper] 12/31/2018: A paper by Jiali Luan (former undergraduate researcher), "Prediction of multi-dimensional spatial variation data via Bayesian tensor completion", is accepted by IEEE Trans. CAD of Integrated Circuits and Systems.

  • [Paper] 12/16/2018: Chunfeng's paper "Stochastic collocation with non-Gaussian correlated process variations: Theory, algorithms and applications" has been accepted by IEEE Trans. Components Packaging and Manufacturing Technology.

  • [Codes] 12/06/2018: We have released some prototyping Matlab codes of stochastic collocation with non-Gaussian correlated uncertainties. Link to the codes. Link to the paper.

  • [Award] 10/17/2018: Chunfeng Cui (postdoc), Max Gershman (undergraduate) and Prof. Zhang received the Best Paper Award at the 22nd EPEPS held in San Jose, CA. Link to the paper.

  • [Paper] 08/20/2018: The joint paper of Chunfeng and Max (undergraduate researcher) "Stochastic collocation with non-Gaussan correated parameters via a new quadrature rule" is accepted by EPEPS 2018.

  • [Paper] 08/18/2018: Cole's paper "Variational Bayesian inference for robust streaming tensor factorization and completion" is accepted by ICDM 2018. The overall acceptance rate is 19.8%.

  • [Paper] 06/30/2018: Chufeng's paper "Uncertainty quantification of electronic and photonic ICs with non-Gaussian correlated process variations" is accepted by ICCAD 2018. The overall acceptance rate is 24.7%.

  • [Award] 05/30/2018: Prof. Zhang, Tsui-Wei Weng (MIT) and Prof. Luca Daniel (MIT) received the Best Paper Award from IEEE Trans. Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology.


  • 2018: Best Paper Award of IEEE Transactions on Components, Packaging and Manufacturing Technology; Best Conference Paper Award at IEEE EPEPS.

  • 2016: ACM Outstanding PhD Dissertation Award in Electronic Design Automation (link); Best Paper Award at International Workshop on Signal and Power Integrity.

  • 2015: MIT Microsystems Technology Labs (MTL) Doctoral Dissertation Seminar Award (link).

  • 2014: Donald O. Pederson Best Paper Award of IEEE Transactions on CAD of Integrated Circuits and Systems ( link); Chinese Government Award for Outstanding Graduate Students Abroad (link to the news); Best Paper Nomination at IEEE CICC.

  • 2011: Li Ka-Shing Prize (best M.Phil/Ph.D thesis award) from the University of Hong Kong (link); best paper nominations at ICCAD2011 and ASP-DAC2011.


  • Associate Editor: ACM SIGDA Newsletters;

  • TPC Member: ICCAD (2016, 2017,2018), DAC (2017, 2018);

  • Award Committee: ACM SIGDA Best Dissertation Award Committee (2018), DAC Best Paper Award Committee (2018), ICCAD Best Paper Award Committee (2018)


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