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Last updated 10/9/2017

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At present the group does not have openings for Postdoctroal researchers.













Graduate Research Positions in Device Physics and IC Design.

The group expects to have 1-4 openings, for Fall 2018, for highly qualified students seeking to obtain a Ph.D. in high-speed IC design for mm-wave communications.


The group expects to have 1-3 openings, for Fall 2018, for highly qualified students seeking to obtain a Ph.D.  in semiconductor physics, focusing on THz and nm transistors.

Do please write to me, but see the notes below:


The group regularly recuits new Ph.D. students with interests in IC design, semiconductor devices, and materials growth.  The normal application process to the department and the university should be followed; please mention in your application Rodwell group if you have specific interest in working with us. 


If you would like to write to me by email, please note the following. Each Autumn, professors receive many list-generated emails from prospective students. Please do not do this: I can't, and won't respond to such letters. To help me respond to your personal note, please keep your letter and your resume short and focused, tell me your class rank, your grades, your publications, your interests, the specific group project you wish to join, and provide the name of a well-known researcher or professor whom I can contact to obtain a reference. Letters are for introduction: you must also complete a formal application for graduate admission to UCSB. 


Master's Degree Students.

Graduate students applying to admission to the ECE department can be admitted into the M.S., Ph.D., or combined M.S./Ph.D. programs.  Prof. Rodwell's research group does not provide financial support  (research assistantships) to students admitted to UCSB through the M.S.-only program.  If you would like to be considered for a research assistantship in this group, please be sure to apply for admission to the Ph.D.  or combined  M.S./Ph.D. programs.

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