ECE Newsletter Fall 2019 cover

The ECE Current Newsletter – Fall 2019 (pdf)

Table of Contents

Letter from Nadir Dagli, ECE Chair: close of another year filled with action and excitement — three new faculty, U.S. News & World Report rank up two positions from the prior year, exceptional graduate student recruitment, research grants increase, and a new initiative to upgrade and modernize the undergrad labs
In Memoriam: Ian Rhodes, Professor Emeritus — former department Chair and faculty member for 26 years and Dale Clark, Lecturer and ECE Electronic Support & Building Manager — staff member for 26 years
Spotlights: New Faculty — Loai Salem (CSP), Spencer Smith (EP) and Christos Thrampoulidis (CSP); Faculty Mentorship — Professor Andy Teel (Controls); Graduate Student Spotlight — Takako Hirokawa (EP); Alumni — Milan Mashanovitch, CEO Freedom Photonics
Research: ECE Research Initiatives — Professor Clint Schow (EP), Director of the Optoelectronics Technology Center and Luke Theogarajan (CE), PI of the Biomimetic Circuits & Nanosystems Group
Recognitions: Faculty Awards — R. Alferness, M. Rodwell, M. Alizadeh, L. Salem, N. Dagli, S. Smith, Y. Isukapalli, D. Strukov, B.S. Manjunath, Y. Xie, C. Palmstrom, Z. Zhang. Student Awards — Herbert Kroemer Fellowship (A.P. Khope & A. Simsek); Roger Wood Award (M. Jing & T. Zhang – EE and B. Dong – CE), Ed Hass Scholarship (B. Dong), Outstanding TA (S. Bako – CE and M. Goebel – EE); 2019 CE & EE Capstone Winners; and 2018-19 ECE Donors