ECE Teaching Cleanroom w/ students

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ECE Teaching Cleanroom

Embark on a journey of innovation with our cutting-edge Teaching Semiconductor Cleanroom (TCR). In the TCR students will fabricate and characterize semiconductor devices such as MOSCAPs, MOSFETS, High Electron Mobility Transistors, MEMS microfluidic devices and GaN LEDs.

This facility is utilized by the ECE, MAT and ME departments for microfabrication courses such as ECE120A, ECE220A / MAT215A, ECE220B / MAT215B, ME141. For academic users, taking at least one introductory course (ECE 120A/220A) is a prerequisite for working in the Nanofab.

Facility Info

Hours: Open Mon – Fri  from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm
Location: Engineering II, Rm 1141
Phone: (805) 893-4142
Access: Prior authorization required for keycard access


The TCR is for teaching and training-related activities only. State rules do not permit research activities at this facility. Please contact the UCSB Nanofab for research activities.

Coming soon!

  • Intense short-term summer training program and training sessions to qualify Nanofab users (year-round)
  • TCR Wiki: SOPs, process info, and a historical database of measurements


Prashant Srinivasan, Facility Manager –

Christopher Wimmel, Building Manager –

Teaching Clean Room #1
Teaching Clean Room #2
Teaching Clean Room #3
Teaching Clean Room #4

Tools and Instrumentation

  • Standard Solvent cleaning benches (IPA, Acetone, DI) – 2
  • Photoresist spin coaters and HMDS pre-deposition benches – 2
  • Developer benches – 2
  • Dehydration Ovens – 2
  • Hot plates – 4
  • Acid benches – 2 (Piranha/Other + HF)
  • Oxide growth furnace (MRL 906HT)
  • Phosphorous deposition furnace (Thermofisher Lindberg BlueM)
  • Electron beam deposition – 2 (Temescal TLab)
  • Plasma Asher – 1
  • Annealing station – 1
  • Electrical characterization stations – 3 (based on HP4145B/4280A)
  • Contact Mask Aligner (Karl Suss MJB3) – 2
  • Profilometers – 2 (KLA Alphastep D)
  • Thin Film analyzer – 1 (Filmetrics F20)
  • Ellipsometers – 2 (Rudolph AutoEL, Applied Materials/ J.A. Wollam)
  • Microscopes – 4 (Zeiss Axioscope)

Courses Offered

ECE 120A / 220A / MAT 215A (Undergraduate/Graduate) – Fundamentals of semiconductor processing. Hands on creation and characterization of Si metal oxide semiconductor (MOS)devices such as MOS-Capactiors and MOS-Field effect transistors.

ECE 120B / 220B (Undergraduate/Graduate) – Fabricating GaAs devices.

ECE 141B / ME 141B / ME 292 (Undergraduate/Graduate) – Fabricating MEMS Microfluidic Devices


  • The ECE Electronics Shop maintains safety training records. Safety training is required for anyone wanting access to a lab
  • Environmental health and safety offers safety training classes at their facility that occur every quarter, however due to COVID-19 live classes are currently not available. Please visit the UC Learning Center to sign up for the online Safety Training courses.

Learn more about Required Safety Training and Reporting Lab Safety Issues on the ECE Electronics Shop webpage