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ECE Shop

The ECE Shop offers a variety of services including but not limited to component sales, package receiving and drop off, equipment repair, security and keys, and safety training, to support undergraduate/graduate students, researchers, and faculty.

The Shop Info

Hours: Open 8:00 am to 5:00 pm (open during lunch)
Location: Harold Frank Hall, Rm 1160
Phone: (805) 893-2403 | Email:


The Shop

Christopher Wimmel, Building Manager <>

Eric Veal, Principal Electronics Technician,<>

Raul Ramirez, Electronics Shop Assistant, <>

Help Us, Help You

Security and Lost & Found

Security: Contact the shop if something is missing, stolen, or if there is anything suspicious. In an emergency notify the police immediately.

Lost and Found: If you have lost something check with us first.

The Teaching Cleanroom (TCR)

Assistance Areas

Door Access and Keys

  • NEW KEY FORM — starting on 2/1/24, the ECE Department has a new "Space Access Authorization (SAA)" form.  The SAA form via DocuSign allows for authorization of Hard Keys and Electronic Key Cards.
  • Note: If you are enrolled in a class, there is no need to fill out the SAA form; however — you Must stop by The Shop to get your UCSB ACCESS ID card activated each quarter.

3 STEPS to gain Entry into ECE-affiliated buildings

  1. Obtain a "UCSB ACCESS ID" Card (skip this step if you already have a card): this card acts as your official UCSB identification. Also, it allows entry into building doors on campus along with other campus services.
  2. Fill out the SAA Form via DocuSign
  3. Pickup your Hard Key and/or get your Electronic Key (UCSB ACCESS ID) card activated: after the SAA DocuSign has been Completed, bring your UCSB Access ID card to the ECE Electronics Shop in Harold Frank Hall (HFH), Rm 1160.

Electronic Component Sales

  • The ECE Shop stocks electronic parts that support the instructional labs. These parts are also for sale to the general public. If you need to request a part please review the purchasing information and refer to the stocked items the Shop generally has available on the ECE Store list.
ECE Store List

* When TAing for classes please make sure you plan ahead by getting a pre-bagged sample kit from us and make sure parts for the lab are available at the shop. If you need extra electronic parts we can get them ordered if you give us enough time.

Purchasing Parts
  • Components may be purchased and charged to BARC, grant, or personal check 
  • Cash is not accepted
  • If you are purchasing parts for a Capstone project please email your Professor with a list of the parts needed and the total cost. Then request a project code for the Shop to use.


  • The shop is responsible for equipment management for ECE. We issue property tags for equipment valued at $5000 or more, keep up-to-date equipment inventory, assist with minor repairs, and help with disposal and removal of equipment. 
  • The shop does minor equipment repairs for teaching labs. Any major repairs are sent out.
    • If you have a piece of equipment that needs repair you can make arrangements with the vendor and drop the equipment off at the shop for pickup
    • If it is a tagged piece of equipment you need to notify the shop so we can update our records

      * TA’s: Our teaching labs have equipment locked down and separated by marked stations. If you find a piece of equipment not operating properly identify and report it by sending us an email with the station number and a brief description of what you think the problem is. If possible it would be helpful to mark it for us as well. This way we can get the equipment back up and running quickly.
Removal and Disposal
  • We are responsible for tagged equipment removal, where we use the Equipment Inventory Modification Request (EIMR) process to remove equipment off of our inventory database. If you are moving a piece of equipment or want to dispose of it and the equipment has a property tag you need to notify the shop at
  • We also offer an e-waste disposal area and hard drive erasing
  • Some equipment can be loaned but will need PI approval and approval from the ECE Shop
  • Please email your PI with a loan request and cc the Shop (
  • Once an item is loaned out it is the individual's responsibility to make sure the item is returned to the shop after using it
  • Available for loan: Power supplies, Oscilloscopes, Function generators and Solder equipment.

Package Receiving and Drop Off

  • The shop receives most deliveries for ECE 
    • Note: Research supplies and equipment can not be delivered to a home address. These supplies must be delivered to the ECE Shop
    • Do not address personal mail or packages to be delivered to the Shop
Incoming Packages
  • When you order parts or equipment you should use the shop’s address – 1160 Harold Frank Hall, UC Santa Barbara 93106
  • Please make sure to have your name and the PO number listed on the order form so that it will show up on the packing slip
  • Once the order has been received by the Shop, you will be notified by email that it is ready for pick-up.
  • When you pick up your package please open the package at the shop to ensure the items were received. If there is a packing list inside the package, check off the items that were received and sign your name and the date on the packing slip. Leave the packing slip in the inbox at the ECE Shop so we can give the slip to the ECE Purchasing Assistant to clear the expense.
Outgoing Packages
  • Outgoing packages may be dropped off at the ECE Shop as long as one of the following is met
    • Carrier’s prepaid shipping label plus carrier notified of package (visit the CAO Resource page under "Shipping" for information on obtaining a shipping label)
    • Completed Shipping Memo: obtained from the Budget Office
  • Other drop off locations:
    • FedEx Mailbox east side of MRL
    • UPS Mailbox east side of MRL
    • USPS Mailbox east side of MRL
    • Visit the UCSB Mail Services website for a full list of nearby mailbox drop-off locations and their pick-up time

Teaching Cleanroom (TCR)

The TCR is utilized by the ECE, MAT and ME departments for microfabrication courses. In the TCR, students fabricate and characterize semiconductor devices. The facility is for teaching and training-related activities only.


  • The shop maintains safety training records. Safety training is required for anyone wanting access to a lab.
  • Environmental health and safety offers safety training classes at their facility that occur every quarter, however due to COVID-19 live classes are currently not available. Please visit the UC Learning Center to sign up for the online Safety Training courses.
Required Safety Training
  • Laboratory Safety Orientation: is held each September for all incoming graduate students to meet regulatory requirements
  • Undergraduate Students - ECE Lab Safety Training (Mandatory)
  • Graduate Students - UCSB Lab Safety Training (Mandatory - Online Safety Training Course)
  • Graduate Students - Orientation to the Electronics Shop
Report Lab Safety Issues
  • If you see safety issues in the teaching labs please contact the shop right away (
  • If you are working in the solid state teaching clean room please contact Yongkui Tang (ext. 4142)